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  1. raelamb

    I constantly go back and forth with which I like better. It's like the difference between Chocolate Chocolate chip ice cream and Chocolate almond chip. Since 90% of my use is portable I basically decide which one to use based on the weather lol. No MDR on rainy days !
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  2. Redcarmoose
    The included silicone tips. Some of the best tips I have ever found..ever?
  3. Bucketron
    JVC sprial dot++ or Final type E
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  4. nc8000 Contributor
    Final E
  5. mashuto
    Also think I have settled on final e extra large for a very shallow fit.
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  6. BananaOoyoo
    MDR-EX1000 silicone tips. They’re shorter than the Z1R stock silicones.
  7. candlejack
    Side by side pics please!
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  8. Damz87
    They’re the same length?
  9. Damz87
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  10. Redcarmoose

    Never discussed here, it’s true the included Sony Silicone tips ARE on the ultra long aspect. But in comparison to some Spinfits I had which were long......the Sony also have some sidewall thickness making them very different from anything I’ve ever come across. I would almost go to say the design is revolutionary?
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2019
  11. candlejack
    The stem is shorter than the "umbrella" part on the Sony tips. That design is important for allowing a deep fit with the Z1R.
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  12. BananaOoyoo
    Huh. Mine were definitely shorter. Will have to go back to the store for pics however (as I do not currently own a Z1R)
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  13. Redcarmoose
    Interesting...the Sony Hybrid EP-EX10A is what that looks like. And Sony basically emulated both that in clear with the IER-Z1R and the Triple Comfort Tips in light grey? Though the original Hybrids were suppose to be two materials shown by the two colors, with the inside color showing size. Does that tip have a colored core?
  14. Redcarmoose
    As we all know the IER-Z1R was also new in introducing an expanded range of sizes with extra big and extra small. Maybe more?
  15. Damz87
    I wonder whether the tips from WF-1000XM3 would be good for some with Z1R? They are longer than Z1R tips with a shorter stem. Unfortunately no LL size, so they’re no good for me.

    783529B8-123C-4293-A08D-5382E8662C33.jpeg B342501F-AEA8-4E30-8EFA-22B7EFD75664.jpeg
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