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  1. jmills8
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  2. nc8000 Contributor
    not that far off actually :)
    I once put my customs next to a friends and mine where like twice the size.
    I use Final E LL tips on my Z1R
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2019
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  3. mashuto
    I am still playing around with them. And while they are definitely not what I would call super comfortable, I seem to be able to get a couple hours out of them without any real major discomfort. But they are definitely not the type so far that I can just put in my ear and forget about. Currently running LL final e tips. I have made the occasional hybrid type before, but I do happen to have some comply isolation around that I will never use, so I may cannibalize them and see if the hybrid foam silicone improves comfort. Personally dont care too much about isolation though because my normal usage is in a quiet office or at home. It was odd too because it seemed proper rotation of the cable actually helped. Angling the earhook away from my ear seems to have helped relieve a bit of the pressure, which was slightly counter intuitive for me, and definitely a shallower fit with larger tips seems to be how its gotta be for these, otherwise, just too many pressure points on my ear.

    But, going to keep at them as the sound is really just about right for me. Highly detailed, but not even remotely sharp. Only thing I can say so far that could use some slight slight improvement to my preferences are male vocals which sound just ever so slightly thin. But they definitely are a very nice rich full sound, and the subbass emphasis here is exactly what I was missing from my more recent andromeda golds. And the pairing with the n6ii is quite good, but then everything I have played out of the n6ii sounds wonderful. One nice thing with the z1r though is that they are not super super sensitive. I get a bit of hiss with the andromedas, and there are some wifi interference issues when using the 4.4 balanced output, but they are not audible on the z1r. While I dont necessarily believe that balanced by itself is any better than a well implemented 3.5 SE, I have it available and obviously the 4.4 cable is included with the z1r so I figure I might as well.
  4. Peter Ruby
    The 4.4 sounds much better than the 3.5 when using my Z1Rs with my WM1A.

    I’m still mulling over the idea of buying a different 4.4 but the only thing holding me back is everyone that’s tried it said the stock cable sounds better than all the aftermarket ones.

    I would only get one if it sounded as good or better because I’d like the look of some of the ones made by EA. Even their Vogue series look sharp.
  5. Malevolent
    The 846, and the Westone models, are some of the most comfortable IEMs out there. Sure, they don't exactly exude a "quality" feel, but damn, they are comfy.

    The Z1R, on the other hand, is all about the bling. I don't think they are too big, just a little too heavy.
  6. jmills8
    Ill pay 500 more for less weight.
  7. Vitaly2017
    Me for comfort but I think z1r is already quiet expensive...

    Maybe sony knew that lot of folks are going for custom earplugs?
    It makes a huge difference in comfort sq is same.
  8. bibit69
    Read ibasso dx160 is good match. Anyone tried?
  9. Vitaly2017

    I tried cayin n6ii and its really good. N6ii and wm1z amazing pairing wit ier-z1r
  10. gerelmx1986
    Superb track to demonstrate the superiority of the IER-Z1R
    Layer after layer, component by component, all detailed
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  11. nc8000 Contributor
    As you see my JH13 customs are just about bigger than the Z1R and both sit equally flush in my ears so I can lie on my side on a pillow for hours with no discomfort.

    BAE5C779-5C82-485A-B304-1E76D0EFF6F2.jpeg D7703226-C0F3-429E-BF9F-6B6BFD2AE7B2.jpeg
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  12. Vitaly2017
    Dang ) some one got big ears

  13. nc8000 Contributor
    yep :) so my fit and comfort experience is not typical
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  14. DonChuy
    Do you mind sharing where you got those MMCX to 2-Pin adapters with an angle? I found some but they are straight and not with the angle like yours. Thanks!
  15. nc8000 Contributor
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