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  1. zephyrstar
    I agree, I also think the the stock IER tips are a little different and much better than the black Sony tips.

    In the U.S. you can get the IER-Z1R tips in sizes small, medium, and large from https://sony.encompass.com/. The part numbers are:

    4-575-658-71 (SS)
    4-575-656-71 (S)
    4-743-462-01 (MS)
    4-575-655-71 (M)
    4-743-463-01 (ML)
    4-575-657-71 (L)
    4-739-392-41 (LL)
  2. KevP
    Thanks for this. Unfortunately, you have to spend $200 with the supplier for them to ship to the UK. And then you’re into customs duties. Anyone found a source for these in Europe? It looks like we’ll have another three months in Europe before we have to start paying customs duties.
  3. Malevolent
    I love the hybrid silicone tips. They fit well, and they don't alter the sound, IMO.

    I've never liked foam tips, in general; they tend to add too much warmth to the sound. Moreover, they can get really dirty in a relatively short span of time.
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2019
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  4. Peter Ruby
    I was using the hybrid silicones from day 1, but I've recently been using both them and the triple comfort.

    I've got the WM1A.
  5. anarch1st
    I've shared this before but if you only need S/M/L sizes, just buy the MDR-EX155 (about 10 quid on eBay). Exact same tips with colour choices if you're into that.

    See Australia's part supplier (For model MDREX155, MDREX155AP, MDREX255AP, IERZ1R)
    : https://www.speedyspares.com/shop/s...-s0457565771.html?search_query=z1r&results=17
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2019
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  6. 52203
    comply 200 400 500 all work, 200 very tight fit => 500 easy fit
  7. Vitaly2017

    Thanks. Whats best 400 or 500?
    Dont want it to be loose
  8. mashuto
    I have joined your club today. Picked up a used pair from PointyFox.

    First impressions on sound are very good, which I would hope they are for the price, and after choosing something that would hopefully be to my preferences. Definitely a bit of a V sound, but they dont present as too bassy. But damn that bass goes real real deep. My current bassy IEM is the campfire atlas. And these are definitely not as bassy, but still scratch that itch just due to the wonderful subbass. Gives them a nice subwoofer like feeling without overpowering. Treble is definitely nice and detailed, but isnt overly sharp. Mids dont feel too recessed to me. Its definitely a signature thats right up my alley. Been listening 4.4 balanced from my cayin n6ii/a01. Seems like a nice pairing, though I dont have any other sources to compare to.

    But, as has been pointed out many times. They are huge. And I am struggling with the fit a bit. Getting a few pressure points that are a bit painful after a while. @Vitaly2017 suggested custom tips, which I have considered in the past (for the atlas, which while not as big, is still heavy), but have yet to get impressions done, so that may be a down the road thing, and not completely keen on spending the money for custom tips if I have too many fit issues as I will likely trade them on if that happens. We shall see. Currently trying large azla sedna tips as they have a longer stem and the shallower fit might do the trick here. Though I have definitely read that shallower fit may alter the sound a bit. Still sounds good to me so far.
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  9. Peter Ruby
    The first week of wearing mine had me worrying that they weren’t for me. They were always coming out, they hurt, and they didn’t look right when inserted. After about 10-14 days, my ears got used to them and I no longer felt any discomfort. After I found the perfect tip, they no longer fell out. Lastly, after playing around with insertion, they still don’t look like they’re in right, but I realize I have small ears and they’ll never sit flush.

    My advice is wait a few weeks and play around with insertion, tips and you’ll soon think they were made especially for your ears.
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  10. mashuto
    I certainly wont be making any decisions until I have had plenty of time to play with tips and all that. But I can definitely tell these are going to be a bit difficult. I am just very sensitive to pressure points and have had difficulty in the past with various IEMs, and given how large and heavy these are, I am guessing it will likely be the case here. I am able to get a good seal with the larger tips, comfort is going to be the issue.

    But the sound is definitely good enough that I am fine putting in the effort to find a fit. And if I just cant get a comfortable fit, so be it.
  11. Vitaly2017

    No matter what I knew custom was better. And its not my first custom iem so I know how it feels and what it does. The good thing is once you get your ear impressions you cane reuse it and save on ear impressions!

    My biggest suggestion to you would be a diy hybrid. I had final type e tips and I have torn out the comply foam out the inside bore. Then I simply place it between the slime silicone and the bore. It has best sound isolation and comfort. Cause final type e are very soft. Next thing is maybe stick with little bit of glue underneet the iem. Place a 1 or 2 mm thick foam pad there it will cushion your ears ).
    Mine did hurt underneath the iem sooo

    Yea going custom is also big step and not always work from first trie. Ussualy for me it take 2 or 3 tries and then they are perfect. Adv almost made it in first shot.

    Ier-z1r are heavy its true and not very easy to get accustomed from first week. Try them and if it dont work guess last resort is custom.

    For me it was last chance so if custom aint working then bye bye.

    Ilisten 5 to 7 hours a days 5 days in a row. So yea it can ve painful as in hell cause the sore spots they build up with time
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  12. 52203
    200 fits tight (like shure with standard 100 bore comply tightness)
    400 fits nice (medium resistance to put on and off)
    500 fits easy (like beyer xelento with standard foam tip, easy on and off, but won't fall out by itself, not defined as loose at all)

    I'd say just go for 400
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2019
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  13. Peter Ruby
    Believe me when I say I understand. Before I got the Z1Rs, I was using my Shure SE846s which felt like they were custom made f

    Good luck and be patient. It’ll pay off in the end, I promise.
  14. jmills8
    846 fits better.
  15. nc8000 Contributor
    probably depends on the individual ear. In my ears the Z1R totally dissapears and I can use them a whole day without any problems and lie on my side in bed with them in.
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