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  1. Peter Ruby
    So what’s everyone’s tip preference?

    I’ve been using the hybrid silicone from day 1, but have been spending the day with the triple comfort just to mix it up some.

    Gotta admit that they’re pretty good, which is a 180 from my initial thoughts. They’re definitely easier to wear for extended listening sessions. I’ve logged around 3 hours so far.

    Does anyone else feel they provide more detail over the silicone set? I’d think it would be the opposite where the silicone would be superior in that respect.
  2. MegaMatt5000
    I go back and forth between the two. I slightly prefer the sound of the silicones - I find them to be a bit more crisp and clear. But like you said, I also find the tc's to be more comfortable without much detriment to the sound. When I say I think the silicones are more crisp and clear, the difference is tiny.

    Another positive for the tc's is the increased noise isolation. I've spent over 20 hours on airplanes in the past week, and these drown out 99.99% of airplane noise once music is playing. Even with movies, I can barely hear any outside noise.
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2019
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  3. Peter Ruby
    I am noticing the increase in sound isolation With the triple comforts. Like you, I think I’ll just change em up whenever.

    That reminds me that I need to purchase a few sets of replacement tips. Thanks for the reply.
  4. Vitaly2017
    Hi did anyone tried cpmply foams?

    I am trying to figure out what bore size fits with z1r. Can someone please tell me which one fits perfectly please.
  5. CoryGillmore
    I tried them on the M9 and it was a no go. Changed the sound too much, for the worse. Muffled highs. But I've always felt Complys did this and have never felt the comfort, fit and isolation were worth the trade off.
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  6. McMadface
    The other day I popped on the tips from the WF-1000XM3. The sleeves are longer, covering up the metal shell near the nozzle. It has made the Z1R way more comfy.

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  7. Peter Ruby
    How’d it affect the SQ compared to the hybrids and triple c’s?
  8. Vitaly2017
    Yea its true I forgot comply creat the effect of muffled sound dangy.

    I tod to give them a try since they have very good isolation...
    Atm I use an Type E Large size with a comply foam inside the silicone sleave. So its like a hybrid atm.
    I love but wanted to give a try with comply foam.

    Lately I got my self adv custom sleeves but I am not 100% satisfied bumer! Less sound isolating and comfort is somewhat less ideal I am so sad about this.

    So I went back to my type e hybrid thing that I made my self.

    Life is hard I am exhaling.

  9. McMadface
    Sounds identical to the Hybrid Silicones. Best sounding IEM on the market.
  10. phonomat
    It is, isn't it?
  11. Peter Ruby
    It’s been nearly 4 months since I’ve purchased these and I feel I’m still in the honeymoon phase, which tells me that there’s a good chance I’ll never feel differently.

    Even with my Shure SE846s I kind of got used to them and wasn’t smiling ear to ear in anticipation of putting them in. These little things are magical and it’ll take an act of god for me to get bored of them and try to seek out something else.

    They’re akin to hundreds of angels dancing on my ear drums. That black background, instrument separation, incredible detail, low end rumble and outstanding tonal accuracy.......it’s like I found my unicorns. Thank you Sony.
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  12. Vitaly2017

    Are you using this with stock foams?
    What dap you play them with?
  13. Sound Eq
    tried all tips from final audio, and so many others, but sony silicon tips are best in clarity, which is a bummer as from where can i buy the exact ones if one gets lost, i have other sony tips and non are like the included sony silicon tips that come with ier

    me too i feel this iem is perfection, they sound amazing and look amazing

    its one of my iems that will take long long time before i decide they will go to the for sale forum, some even more expensive iems i own will hit the sale forum way faster than ier, if at all even

    this song is epic on ier

    Last edited: Oct 27, 2019
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  14. candlejack
    Sony uses the same silicon tips on a lot of their IEMs, including $10 ones.
  15. Sound Eq
    they r not like the black sony silicon ones i have
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