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  1. jmills8
    Only bleeds the first time.
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  2. Peter Ruby
    I’m at 25-35 on high gain with the WM1A.

    Might hit 50 now and then depending on the song and mood.

    I like my ears and enjoy hearing.
  3. jmills8
    What sort of music are you listening to at that volume ?
  4. SolarBeaver
    Thanks guys, appreciate it!
    Well actually, when I'm working I use something like 40-60 just to not get distracted too much and to stay focused, but I really like to use way louder settings when I'm solely into listening, it just makes the experience much more engaging and entertaining. It's usually less than an hour per day sessions, though, so I'm hoping I won't damage my ears at this rate...
  5. gerelmx1986
    damn, that is so loud. I can't get past 70 high gain
  6. fiascogarcia
    Yep, 90 to 120 is pretty high! Don't think I could handle a few seconds.
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  7. Peter Ruby
    All kinds. Currently listening to Amnesiac by Radiohead.
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  8. SolarBeaver
    Well, regarding the volume, to each his own it seems, I don't feel any discomfort listening at high volumes, and can't really appreciate music that much on lower settings (like 40 and less). To me it loses a lot of micro details and overall punchness. And yeah, last time I've checked my hearing was good :D
    I've used to go to a ton of deathcore, mathcore and other "core" concerts where music tends to be on a pretty loud side, so I guess I am just used to high volumes, even though now my music taste is quite different, including a wide spectrum of genres, from hip-hop/soul/funk/reggae/jazz to synthwave and other electronics, not forgetting the progressive metal as well :)
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2019
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  9. ceeloChamp
    Hey all, how is the SQ out of a phone (iPhone 11) 90% of the time I use an AMP/DAC, but I’m looking to get these as a durable set of travel IEMs.

    also, how do they sound playing faster musical genres like metal, does the bass drown muddy things up, or can it keep up?
  10. guitardave
    Probably be a better post without that first word...
  11. ceeloChamp
    Eegads, that is so loud. I can’t get past 70 high gain.
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  12. SolarBeaver
    I've just recently got my set of IEM, but so far I'm pretty amazed how they handle metal, it's perfectly clean and not muddy at all imho, fast and precise even on not so great recordings. I've used to have XBA-Z5 and Hifiman RE-600 (on HM-801 and 901 DAPs) and they were far from satisfactory with this genre, I even stopped listening to most of my metal collection because of this, but WM1Z+Z1R makes me want to rediscover it again! :)
    Example of the music I've tried it with
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2019
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  13. ceeloChamp
    Great! That’s awesome news, whenever I see a DD and hear phrases like “booming bass” I get worried about the speed and ability to coherently play songs like the one you posted.

    did you happen to hear the Andromeda? Those were my favorite metal IEM so far.
  14. SolarBeaver
    No, I haven't heard them, Z1R is my third IEM, so unfortunately can't make any comparison, except the ones I've listed above :frowning2: I have full-sized Hifiman's HE-5 and HE560 + Sony's mdr-z1r though, and to me IER is pretty comparable, if not better on this.
    But then again, I don't own, nor listened to other TOTL IEMs, so you better wait for a more experienced head-fier to throw his opinion :)
    All I can say is I really like what I'm hearing :p
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2019
  15. ceeloChamp
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