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Slightly off topic but I just had to try shoving them into the M7… look at the size difference.

I somehow prefer the graphs from RAA. At least for my eyes, they are easier to "read" :D but that is for sure an matter of taste. But i especially like that you can render square waves at different frequencies (which shows the HPF coupling capacitor of the SE846 the IER-M9 does not use which does have advantages and disadvantages) and can highlight some frequencies where one IEM can render clearer rectangles.

But imho, they are all dangerous and i never found one single frequency response on any webpage ever that represents how the IEM really sounds. Some are better, some are worse but non is correct.

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There are now counterfeit Z1Rs on the Chinese used market. Watch out when the seller offers no packaging.

Really sad to see this.

I really want to see the inside

no good news

I saw this quite some times ago, buyer beware! they don't come with box nor accessories, just the L & R unit and cable, beware there are fake Z1R cables too. I remembered I asked about counterfeit cable since my original Z1R cable is blank without "made in china" wording on it, then after my 4.4mm balanced cable's earhook is sticky and begin to peeled off, I bought another 4.4mm balanced Z1R cable and it has "made in china" mark, so I asked fellow friends here but some have and some not, but apparently could be the revision from different batch but both are original version.
Now there are real counterfeit cable, so beware guys!
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First ChiFi IEM with good build quality and you are sad?
No, it is about the fact that fakes are around. Many people, not in this forum, will "just buy" a used ier-z1r to safe some money. from now on, it can be a potential fake as well, like the ie900 you can buy for 50 dollars. so another barrier to "just buy" a used one.
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Fake Z1Rs ? I'm surprised it took this long for a very popular model from a big company. Counterfeit Sennheiser IE series appeared pretty quick and pretty much ruined the used market for these IEMs.
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I'd purchased the Cape Cod polishing cloth a while back but because of a skin irritation on my finger I only just got around to using it due to the oil impregnated in the cloth. I forgot to do before and after, and the photos not great, but it gives them a nice refresh. Mine were secondhand and were in decent condition but had some minor surface marks/slight tarnish(?)/scuffs. I noticed there are still a couple of faint scuffs I'll have to go back and see if I can remove.
The former flagship XBA-Z5 were terrible for paint chipping and logo fading, the Z1R are much more durable, including the logo which I feared might come of with the process.

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Fake Z1Rs ? I'm surprised it took this long for a very popular model from a big company. Counterfeit Sennheiser IE series appeared pretty quick and pretty much ruined the used market for these IEMs.
Fake SE846 are so common that there is an whole community comparing the changes in sound and even recommend some of them because you can get them for 80$. I think one of them even was measured by crinacle (It sounds nothing like the original)

And of course, the built quality is garbage, with all of them. Some of them even have an dynamic driver inside an fake BA like looking housing.

But the saddest thing is how many fall for these scams. Some are buying them intentionally (which is even sadder somehow given you can get the SE215 for less than 99$) but most do want the real thing.

But there are even Chinese Fake ripoff from 30$ Casio Watches selling for 15$

Especially in Germany this "Everyone but me is stupid, but I, the clever one, found a way around paying these high prices using this secret hidden trick called eBay/aliexpress that nobody but me knows" mindset is strong
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Particulalry with the TOTL gear being copied they could add a list to the guidelines in the Classifieds to help draw an awareness to the known faked gear with a 'how to spot' guide. Also stricter listing rules to show close ups of certain parts that may help prove authenticity.

IE900, IER-Z1R, Sony Kimber cables.....
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I pulled the trigger on z1r, whats the best tip are you using guys?
I managed to get my hands on the Coreir Aluminium Alloy (AL) vs my current Coreir Brass (BR) and I'd say both are really good fit for different signatures. Sales expert at the audio shop said to him "AL has better instrument imaging" and he's right.

In short, both still give generally good seal and enhance Z1R's V-shaped signature - however, AL is better to bring out the treble, microdetail, soundstage and imaging at the cost of lower sub and mid-bass quantity (vs BR). L/R width is also slightly wider. So, it's better for bass-light tracks where you want to hear all the clarity of instruments or extra layers in the mix but don't mind slightly less bass slam - for example, female vocal heavy tracks, anime OSTs, classical orchestra pieces.

However, I still prefer the BR because it still adds to the bass oomph while still having the deep soundstage and sharp imaging. I use this primarily for Kpop, modern pop which thick synth bass lines, live music where the bass kick really hits you in the face.

Conclusion - both Coreir are great but slightly different emphasis. YMMV :beerchug:

IMG_9894 2.jpg
IMG_9899 2.JPG
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I had gotten one more silly meme cable during the Aliexpress sales.

Got this:

8 Core Gold Plated + Palladium Silver OCC Alloy Cable For Sony IER-M7 IER-M9 IER-Z1R Headset Earphone Headphone LN007610

Not the prettiest of braids done. But it actually tames the ier-z1r in a nice way. Makes it a little less intense to listen to in the lower treble. But imaging is still hitting.

Imaging seperation is well maintained and the spacing is not affected. Just less overly sharp compared to the original cable.

Bass has some more midbass presence. But it isnt as clean, ever slightly less sharp but more slammy. Quite fun

Makes you realize the original OEM cable is some kind of harsh silver-plated OCC copper.

This new cable is definitely an odd timbre'd cable, but it matches so well with the ier-z1r in a compensating way.
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I found a pair of used (but in perfect condition) Z1Rs at about $750 USD. In short, they are spectacular, and they might be one of my best purchases.

When it comes to expensive IEMs, I had the Shure SE846 (got for about $500), and recently I got the FiiO FH7 (for about $200). Now, I know, the Z1Rs might not be an IEM per-se, so it's just an IE :)

In any case, I always used almost the biggest tips available for in-ears, so I thought it's the same with the Z1Rs. While looking at them in a mirror, while they were in my ears, I was thinking that they seem a little too "out", so I tried to push them deeper, and then I understood how deep there are supposed to be inserted. Now I use the MS tips (after starting with the smallest ones).

I love how "open" they sound, and effortless!

Edit: Though I'm not really a metal fan, I sometimes listen to stuff like Metallica, or Rammstein, which I consider to be softer. With other IE(M)s songs from them sounded a bit congested, but with the Z1Rs and their separation and effortlessness, listening to songs like those is a much better experience! No more congestion!
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