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  1. syke

    The business travel set up
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  2. gerelmx1986
    They are way better, the nass kicks deeper and more textured and detailed, mids are well natural tone and the treble of the Z1R extends more than the z5 which I felt I had extreme treble roll off, they are way less darker than the z5
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  3. Giullian
    @candlejack what a mess, mate... tell us about the fit and the impressions. Fit is the big (only) flaw for me.
  4. gerbi
    Hello everyone. Without having to read through hundreds of pages could anyone please let me know if they did a comparison with the Campfire Audio Atlas? Thank you.
  5. BananaOoyoo
    Z1R >>>>> Atlas. And it’s not even close IMO.

    Atlas is just a bass monster, while the Z1R is an excellently tuned IEM that has good bass.
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  6. gerbi
    Forgive my ignorance...does this means you think the Sony are better? I have the Atlas but no matter the tips I use I can't get a good seal in my left ear and due to the weight it keeps falling out. Since there's a sale for the Sony here in Australia I was thinking of selling the Atlas
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  7. BananaOoyoo
    Yes, I think the Z1R is significantly better. I know some people enjoy the Atlas, but my impressions of it were pretty negative.

    I’d try to audition the Sony before buying though. It’s not a light IEM either, and you might experience similar issues.
  8. gerbi
    They seem pretty big but at least they are over the ear and the weight distribution should be different. Hopefully my local store has a pair to audition. I'll try tomorrow. Thanks again!
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  9. endlesswaves
    Atlas's mids are too recessed for me. Prefer the Solaris. Solaris does everything right and like a well mannered gentleman. Z1R on the other hand is close to perfect and adds excitement to my listening session.
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  10. gerbi
    I'm a bit of a V shape sound fan so a bit of recessed mid doesn't worry me. I have tried the Solaris and found them a bit too "polite" for my taste.
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  11. candlejack
    Then you should really try the Sony before buying (unless you have the option to return them, of course). The Solaris and the Z1r are pretty close in overall tuning.

    In other news, I asked Sony a question about the Z1r + zx300 and their official answer was: sorry, the Z1r is not part of the official compatibility matrix of the zx300, so we cannot guarantee proper functionality. Gotta love these big company support services.
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  12. Giullian
    Agree on this one and on the weight of the Atlas making it fall all the time. Didn't like it.
  13. Giullian
    BTW, as you're downunder, I have an almlst new Z1r for sell here. :)
  14. Redcarmoose
    I was fairly surprised to start using the Z5 after maybe 60 days of IER-Z1R use. Before breaking the old Z5 out, memory said the Z1R has better midrange and farther extended highs. But the surprise was how much more bass the Z5 has. It’s not even funny how the bass of the Z5 is all over the place and even impacting the low-midrange. Where the Z1R has it’s bass power in the sub-bass region. Across the board on all levels the Z1R is an improvement. Ownership of the Z5 makes you think it’s polite and it is, but going back to it.......the Z1R makes it sound crippled?
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  15. gerbi
    Thanks mate. I need to audition them first, but feel free to pm me the details. Cheers
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