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  1. Cutie59
    The people who said 1z couldn’t power ier z1r such bs !!! I use high gain 4.4 connection about 65-80. Most the time around 70. If you never use it don’t make your opinion ! Sony IER z1r with 1z Or 1A Or mojo. Would Be the end game !!! Easily!! It’s the same flavor of the mdr z1r. But a better performance. Yes it’s better
  2. marvin3003
    I listen with my ta zh1es. se 300mw output per channel and balanced 1200mw per channel.
    In my opinion it is not that big of difference and i even doubt it is because of the power difference. Could also be se vs balanced.

    In which song and situations do you think you can hear the difference because of the power output.
  3. rutter
    Which dap are you comparing to? For me the ZX300 sounded very wrong, as I've detailed. I have no problems of that magnitude with the iBasso DX228. Due to the positive effect the $100 Magni and Fiio A5 had I suspected that power output was the primary culprit. Like I wrote then I really wonder if the IER-Z1R sounds good on the WM1s and if so how or why. I think the ZX300 is pretty damn bad with this iem without eq, and I had to eq heavily.
  4. ddmt
    zx300 with z1r sounds good to me (high gain, 4.4mm, volume around 60), although z1r sounds really good with dmp-z1. If you don't have a full seal with iem, nothing will sound good.
  5. toughnut
    It's not only how much wattage you can pump to the drivers but how fast the load can swing...
  6. rutter
    Well, I wasn't using the triple comforts yet (though I thought I briefly tried them with the ZX300 and am currently using M rather than MS, but I do sort of roll it; I also don't recall the DX228 having similar problems with the hybrid silicone tips I was using with the ZX300; nonetheless I do contradict myself on top of page 159), which helped. I guess if a bunch of people who have the ZX300 vouch for it I'll defer.
    Last edited: May 16, 2019 at 12:34 AM
  7. rutter
    Here's the one post that puts forward an explanation for why maximum power matters:

  8. candlejack
    Alright, so how fast does the load have to "swing?"
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  9. raelamb
    I'm a happy American that got mine today courtesy of Drew and Nichole at my go-to vendor Moon Audio. Out of the box they are simply sublime and very similar in sound to my favorite headphone their brother the MDR-Z1R's. My CIEMs the JH16V2's are going in the drawer:frowning2:
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  10. Mathieulh
    It depends on what you listen to, if you listen to pre-loudness war music with wide dynamic range, the lack of power becomes somewhat obvious as the details aren't quite present/forward as they should be. Would most people only listening to modern music notice? I somewhat doubt so. In fact the NW-WM1A should be powerful enough to drive the IER-Z1R (but certainly not the MDR-Z1R!) in most scenarios.

    Power isn't only about volume output, this is why there are both impedance and sensitivity measurements, in fact low impedance devices (such as what good IEMs would be) require higher current (but lower voltage) to drive.

    About the difference of power output between the NW-ZX300 and the NW-WM1A/Z, it would be worthwhile if it was 50mW@32Ohms, as it turns out it's 50mW@16Ohms, which is quite negligible.

    That said, the lack of power output on Sony Walkman DAPs contributes to their long battery life, which is one of the most interesting point of Sony DAPs. It's still much an improvement compared to what we used to get on the NW-ZX2 and earlier Sony devices.

    Quite frankly, if hard to drive listening apparatus is what you are keen on listening while on the go, Sony DAPs aren't for you. (Unless you fancy carrying an extra portable amplifier, of course.)
    Last edited: May 16, 2019 at 4:50 PM
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  11. rutter
    40 isn't that low impedance, by the way
  12. candlejack
    I'm no electronics/audio engineer, but I'm pretty good at smelling bull****.
  13. ZenErik
    Thanks for the advice guys. I've had a change of heart. Even though the IER-Z1R only requires 0.5mW to hit 100dB and and 50mW to reach the pain threshold of 120dB I have purchased this power amp to ensure that my IEMs receive the power they require to truly shine and not require 'crazy amounts of EQ' like they require on the truly horrible ZX300.

    Sounds amazing so far. Thanks for showing me the light.

    Last edited: May 17, 2019 at 10:06 AM
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  14. candlejack
    Lol, the light is probably coming from your zirconium IEM's turning incandescent. :)
  15. Mathieulh
    I didn't say the IER-Z1R are low impedance IEMs, I said most good IEMs are low impedance, in fact I did say the NW-WM1A should have enough power to drive the IER-Z1R specifically in most scenarios, it will just lack details in wide dynamic range tracks (compared to when driving them from more powerful amps (on an equivalent DAC or even using the WM1A as a source)).

    Is it a deal breaker? I don't think so.
    Last edited: May 16, 2019 at 5:29 PM
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