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Sony IER-M9 impressions thread

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  1. twiceboss
    oh god yes, 9038s dac change ier M9 to another level! @@

    almost as detail as kse1200! gosh what in the world this dac is
  2. twiceboss
    I'm certain that I enjoy with Spiral Dots most recently. Some people here said it sounds weird with Spiral Dots. I did experience that for the first impression but after some songs, my brain adjusted to it. Spiral Dots on M9 sounds so holographic ngl.
  3. CoryGillmore
    But now go back to the Sony Hybrids and your ears won't even have to adjust to think the Hybrids are the best. The bass of the Hybrids is what keeps them in my ears.
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  4. twiceboss
    I know about the bass on hybrid but I'm mids and highs head.
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  5. Kaydubbed
    I poked holes in my bargain Amazon clear silicone mushroom tips recommended here (HIFI Man) and ellimated vacuum and they are amazing. I won't be trying anything different.
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  6. Mal Waldron
    It has taken me several days to realize that these IEMs must be placed exactly as they appear in the photo to appreciate their full potential, with the cable guide above the ear and not on it

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  7. CoryGillmore
    Very true! They can be quite finnicky to be honest. Can be slightly annoying at times. They can sound open and airy or they can sound closed in and lifeless depending on how they are inserted and positioned.
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  8. twiceboss
    ngl, this is by far one of the most excellent IEMs on giving spatial cues once u got it correct.
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  9. Dinche
    Well. I got a pair of those Z1R (ML size) tips. Punched a small hole in each. Z1R hybrid tips make my M7 sound better than the supplied ones! (yeah I punched holes in them too) :).
    Bass has so much clarity now, and midrange sounds more open. Another benefit is less finicky insertion. I just put them in and they good to go. With the supplied ones, no matter how much I fiddled I always had this sensation that it would take few minutes for them to settle in my ears in order to sound good. Very happy!

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  10. XERO1
    When I tried the M9, they created a vacuum-like seal in my ear canal, which felt quite unpleasant. And removing them felt even worse. But I didn’t have either of those problems with the Z1R.

    Where were you able to get the Z1R tips from?
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2019
  11. twiceboss
    Hey, M9 is full BA with zero venting. Z1R has venting for the DD. That explains everything. Some people dont care about vacuum feeling. Me personally, i dont like vacuum feeling.
  12. Dinche


    SpeedySpares in Australia. They supply spare parts for Sony related products.

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  13. Peter Ruby
    I’m looking at either the M9s or possibly QDC Anole VXs. Has anybody heard both? If so, can you provide your thoughts on the comparison between them?

    Right now I have the Z1Rs and would like something to compliment them. I’ve also been looking at the 64 Audio u18t or u12t.

    So many great IEMs available, so few ears.
  14. twiceboss
    What kind of complementary that u are looking for?
  15. Peter Ruby
    Something very neutral and something I can wear anywhere. I don't feel comfortable wearing the Z1Rs in public.
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