Sony/HTC/AKG/Sennheiser/MISC Thread

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  1. RockStar2005
  2. aertus
    well its biggest costumer is apple so everyone knows that. Huawei mate 10 i think also uses JDI. And besides sony thats about it and maybe other chinese. I know for most companies that want an LCD screen JDI is a no brainer I think nokia 8 might have one.

    HTC might actually not be supplied by JDI. Super lcd is a trademark of SLCD corporation which was a join venture between samsung and sony to make high quality LCD screens. SO the super lcd i think is most likely from samsung since sony sold all its shares for that company.
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  3. RockStar2005
    Apple? They use Samsung's OLED screens now. Do you mean they used JDI in the past??

    Yeah I dunno with HTC. All I know is they have TWO locations that make their screens b/c with my M8, the first screen wasn't polarized, so when I wore my polarized sunglasses while looking at it, it would be dark unless I angled the phone a certain way on my car mount. But then I replaced that one and the 2nd one apparently WAS polarized b/c I had no issue with it while wearing my sunglasses. My 10 def wasn't polarized though cuz I def had issues again there. lol But now I got the V30 so whatever. lol

    You may wanna track the posts on XDA b/t me and "psawjack" regarding the XZP's sound quality aertus (and others). Quite interesting. We'll see what he says regarding my 2 new questions on the XZP (Post #79). Check here starting with Post #78. ONLY read the ones b/t me and "jack". Right now there are only 2. I don't plan to talk much more about it since that is a V30 thread, but still. lol
  4. aertus
    only the iphone x has the samsung oled. All other iphones currently use JDI(even previous ones) and its JDI's bigger costumer which is why they are working hard to switch to oled to supply apple. Apple actually really doesn't want to rely on samsung and thats why they are gonna use JDI full active next year. JDI is basically the biggest and best in terms of LCD. With its biggest competitor being sharp which also supplies apple as well. Those really nice responsive 120hz screens on Ipads are made by sharp.

    Super lcd corporation is also slowly switching OLED (its an old LCD company samsung doesnt need anymore) so they are just supplying HTC for now temporariliy. However, its screen is extremely impressive (look up the htc11 plus) its amazing how contrasty it is. Sony xperia xz1 is being touted as the most accurate color display with best whites.

    yeah let us know im curious what he says. im disappointed with most companies atm. I hear lots of issues about lgv30 and pixel 2 dispplay complaints.
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  5. bencherian
    Pixel 2 got screen issues. Not V30.... V30 display issues were trying to make up as there were.

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  6. RockStar2005
    Very interesting! Yeah we'll see where things go with JDI & Apple next year.

    Send me a pic of the U11 Plus' screen that shows it off the way you describe. And yes, I believe that about the XZ1's screen.

    Ok I will. He hasn't responded yet.
  7. RockStar2005
    Bench is right. I have the V30 and I have NO display issues at all. The only MINOR one is if you look at it from a distant angle (aka NOT straight at or close), there's like a blue tint that's visible. But that doesn't bother me AT ALL. Who cares how it looks from a distant angle anyway? I just care that it looks good when I have it close and in FRONT of me. lol

    I have heard that the Pixel 2 has issues too. Glad I didn't buy it. lol
  8. RockStar2005
    Looks like AKG has some nice new additions coming out soon or already out:

    AKG K550 MK III (3): Per AKG, these are the SAME as the AKG K550 and K550 MK II, except they FINALLY feature a detachable cable ftw. Already available to buy now.

    AKG K275: A more comfortable and portable headphone vs. the K55X series. I'm interested to see the reviews on these once they're released (December 1st).

    Both are 32-ohm rated, but the K550 MK III is slightly more sensitive (114 db SPL/V vs. K275's 109 db SPL/V), which means the MK IIIs can get SLIGHTLY louder.

    Thoughts? Any interest? I love my 99 Cs, but these sound interesting, and I will definitely be updating my running list of headphones too now. The K550 MK IIIs are really nothing new in terms of sound at all, but that detachable cable is both long overdue and VERY welcome.

    I find it interesting too that although the K275's minimum frequency response is 16 Hz, and the K550 MK III's is 12 Hz, that AKG is still claiming the K275s have a very "detailed and nuanced bass response". Which makes me wonder if by perhaps tuning it differently it somehow offers a LOWER frequency extension? (Note the maximum freq. response on both is the same: 28000 Hz.)
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  9. bencherian
    Hi just a doubt.
    Which all portable dac\amp can be best suited for Meze 99 Neo or Classics ?
    My only source is my Android mobile phone , G6 now , later some other android maybe.
    1.Ultrasone naos-not much talks about it but a head fier audition it found to be superior than Dragon fly red.
    2.Audioquest Dragonfly V 1.2
    3. Schiit fulla 2
    4. Any other choices ?
  10. RockStar2005
    hey ben,

    I'm going to assume your G6 is the U.S. version and therefore does NOT have the Quad DAC on it, correct?

    I would go with the DragonFly Red. The price ($199) is decent. The quality is from what I've read "Excellent" (I've tried the Black and it sounded very good, and the Red is one step UP from that), and it's very portable as well which I like personally. You'll need an adapter for it too that's compatible with USB-C. I strongly suggest this one.

    I tried the Schiit Fulla once. It DID NOT work with my Android phone despite some sources saying it would, so I immediately returned it. Not sure if the 2 will work with it though. Maybe? I still like the Red better though that's just based on looks. lol
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  11. aertus
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  12. RockStar2005
    Interesting. I like the Translucent Black one. Yeah nice screen!
  13. aertus

    hmm anyone else notice how washed out the colors look on the iphone x look? Im not impressed with the samsung panel apple got. and you're paying 1k for something that looks worse than a cheaper phone. the screen looks pretty great on the sony to me. seems like samsung oled is just overrated.
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  14. RockStar2005
    Yeah, I guess the X's screen does look kinda washed out next to the XZ Premium. Then again, I don't think ANY screen can compare to the XZ P's IMMACULATE screen. Remember, I saw that one in person, so I can say it's even more stunning then vs. seeing it on a computer screen where it isn't done justice. lol

    Samsung..........and overrated, in the same sentence?! I've never heard such a thing!! :k701smile:

    I like this article in amps (and DACs). Excellent!
  15. RockStar2005
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