Sony has new headphones, MDR-1R
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An unmodded Denon as in something like the D2000 or D600? Sure have. Both still have more midbass control than the MDR-1R.
Nope. I've used them out of many sources. They simply don't sound good at louder volumes.

I meant Fostex, i.e. D2000, D5000 and D7000. D600 and D7100 are completely different breed.
If you find Fostex Denons bass controlled and MDR-1R bloated, we definitely hear it differently.
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I meant Fostex, i.e. D2000, D5000 and D7000. D600 and D7100 are completely different breed.
If you find Fostex Denons bass controlled and MDR-1R bloated, we definitely hear it differently.

Where did I say the Denon's bass is controlled? Yup, I'm not seeing it either.
Oh, I get it. You were referring to this statement, in which you read incorrectly:
Both still have more midbass control than the MDR-1R.

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Short Story - My fist pair of quality cans were ultrasone Pro 900's. All the sibilance and boomy bass aside, I really loved my ultrasones, until I bought a pair of Westone 4r's. The much more balanced and detailed sound impressed me immensely. Fast forward to present day, where I was deciding on whether to make my next purchase HD 650's or DT 880's. Interestingly enough I ended up with the Sonys...$189 was just too good of a price, and I figured they would complement my Pro 900's and give me the more laid back signature I was looking for. Got them in the mail today, and thus far while I'm enjoying the comfort, looks, and different signature, I'm not sure if i've exactly fallen in love with them like some people in the thread. They are very relaxing cans with the ABSOLUTE BEST COMFORT, thus I'll definitely be keeping them as my "study" headphones at a minimum.
Interestingly enough I think because of these cans, I'll buy a pair of DT 880's before I do HD 650's.
While yes the 1R's are in all honesty a little distraction to my larger headphone goals, I'm glad I picked up a pair. They in a sense helped me audition a different sound signature than I'm used to, and are one of the best portable headphone solutions I've seen. I'm looking forward to seeing how my ears adapt to the 1r's signature, and hoping for similar results as other posters after burning them in.
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i missed the deal by that much....went to amazon the first time, I was like I need an hour to think it over, then I went back later the deal was dead :frowning2:

I'm so sorry man 
... I was looking at them for so long when sony had all their headphones 25% the deal is what pushed me over the edge. I've been in the exact same situation before so I feel for ya. 
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The new Xperia Z smartphone by Sony got me interested in the 1R again. I hope the mic/remote cable will work since they're both made by Sony, would be hilarious if it worked with Apple stuff but not Sony stuff. I'm really a sucker for brand matching.  
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God...I think the squeaking in of my left earcup got louder , honestly didn't find it a problem at first but now I'm a little annoyed. Can't seem to find the right spot to put some silicone spray too....
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Had some squeaking on the left cup aswell, it was not making sound while moving my head or walking. But when I was eating or chewing gum.
But for me the issue is gone now, did not do anything to fix it and it sortet itself after many hours listening and usage.
Also pictures from my unpacking and besides a DT880 for the ones who wonder on the size. Taken with my note 2 so not the best quality







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Well i don't get disturbed when i listen to classical music or rock/acoustic (why i love my grado's) but when there are female vocals sometimes the 12-16k annoys me because when i use my eq to tone it down there really is an improvement.

That's odd - I've never heard human vocals go that high, and not many instruments can either. I know that I like a slight EQ boost at 16k, especially for lower-fi speakers. But Grado's are known for being bright headphones with lots of treble.
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The more i tried this cans the more i love it. Very enjoyable tonality, nice sparkle on treble, sweet mids, amazing ambience for a closed cans and very smooth sounding. I'm still torn whether i get one or not
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anyone else annoyed at the cable that comes with the MDR1? I have been using mine for a while and the cords goes super stiff in winter conditions. Just ordered a custom 3.5-3.5 though so my problems will be over soon. ^_^

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