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Sony F-Series 64GB Walkman (NW-F807) - Japanese Version with Noise Cancelling

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  1. frisiviti
    For Sale
    The item I am selling is the 64GB Japan exclusive version Sony F-Series (NW-F807) Walkman MP3 player with built-in noise cancelling that we do not get in North America.
    The device itself  is 99% new and comes with noise cancelling Sony earbuds and charging/data cable.  There are no scratches whatsoever.
    In terms of sound quality, this is the best of the Sony line up so far, and far eclipses all iPod/iPhones for sound quality.  This device runs on Android 4.0, so you can customize it for sound much easier.  Comes with everything you see in the picture.  
    Price is $470 + shipping.  Add 3% if not using paypal gift option.
  2. frisiviti
    To the top!
  3. Jin Puan
    I am interested.
    Will you accept usd150 + pp fees and shipping?
  4. Jin Puan
    Should read usd 350
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