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Sony EX1000 with box, case, two cables, New Sony and Comply tips

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by thebratts, Oct 23, 2014.
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  1. thebratts
    For Sale
    I'm considering selling my beloved EX1000 since i recently bought the K3003.
    I have:
    The original box
    The Case
    Tips: All New and recently ordered/received.
    2 pair of Sony Large Tips EP-EXN50L
    2 Pair of Comply Premium Large Isolation Plus - Black
    3 Pair of Comply Small Active Tips - Lilac
    2 Pair of Comply Isolation Size Medium (i think) Black
    The two original Cables
    Everything is in great shape
    I prefer shipping to Europe but will consider others.
    Pictures coming
  2. faithguy19

  3. thebratts
    Plan was to get some cash back since i've been spending some on new ear&headphones recently
    However i'm always open for suggestions if you have something that you think i might find interesting
  4. AndroidVageta
    Excellent price for Excellent headphones! Other than being a tad bass light for my tastes everything else about these were better than anything I've ever owned...even my recent JH16 Pro FP. The highs and mids and sound stage are just amazing. I'd be totally interested if I didn't have a pair of XBA-H3's...which while not as good in the mids and highs area, they do have that awesome bass that I've always wanted!
    Either way, I would say "GLWS" but you don't need it!
  5. cheflatte
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