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Sony EX1000 Review and Impressions Thread (with comparisons to FX700, GR10 and e-Q5)

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  1. Colors
    The detail of the effects are actually too much for me haha. I’ve been using my 7550 as they focus more on vocals so it’s not as intense as an experience as the EX1000.
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  2. kms108
    One of the cables use the OFC plug cost at 10800 yen + labour 6000 yen approximate USD 150

    The other two are non OFC plugs cost 6800 yen + labour 6000 yen approximate USD 115 each

    Total USD 380 for 3 cables is provided by myself.

    All done by e-earphone Akihabara in Japan
  3. kraywang
    Thanks, I found the Japanese site!!
  4. kms108
    And they don't offer this service online, you have be in the shop.
  5. kraywang
    Sorry for the confusion. I meant I found a site from Japan that have that kind of services and parts but price is super high haha but go figure!! (Cheers)
  6. Greenadam29
    I keep coming back to these after hearing the concept of a huge soundstage. I don’t think i’ll Be able to acquire a pair of ex1000’s but could anyone tell me what iem’s have an expansive soundstage like these? Ive been looking at the E5000 but would like to hear if there’s a better option in terms of expansive soundstage for movies and such.
  7. Tawek
    Only lab2 and piano forte x-g , cc from final
  8. kms108
    You can still get the EX1000, are you willing to pay for it, the E5000 from final is more for instruments, violin, harp etc. they are very detail with instruments.
  9. Colors
    Andromeda is definitely on par with soundstage but if you’re looking for a cheaper option, E5000 is up there. Much less treble detail and imaging though although you can improve the treble a bit by going balanced. A USD200 used one would be a steal.
  10. Greenadam29
    Thanks for the info. Just a little background... I have an IMR r1, 64 audio u8, and oriolus finsch. I seem to be getting a larger soundstage from the finschi than the R1 as the R1 seems to be more “in your face”. I’m wondering if there’s something else I could try that would be more of a surround experience. Would the E5000 satisfy this? Also any other alternative? Orveti new primacy looks to be promising...
  11. Marvellous_DAP
    Having the EX1000 for past few weeks and let it "burn-in" for 200hrs along with the ZX300, probably close to 10-discharge-recharge-cycle, balanced.

    It is wonderful sounding match now, and now I finally understand why this is the end-game IEM for many people. Wow.

    Soundstage. Bass texture. Details. Really Wow.
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2018
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  12. kraywang
    Hey why did you have to buy the OFC plugs for? Can't just you just buy a 4 pole 2.5mm or 4.4mm trrs connector and just re-treminate the plug on the stock cable or it doesn't work that way? I was just thinking of buying a balanced 4 pole connector and re-treminate it
  13. kraywang
    is it possible to just buy a 4 pole trrs balanced connector and just re-treminate the 3.5mm jack on the Japanese stock cable ? Anyone?
  14. Tawek
    Stock cable 4.4mm , even you can make it for oBravo :) great cable ... 20180414_231223.jpg 20180822_232312.jpg
  15. Colors
    I recommend you track down the Trinity Audio Icarus III filters if you can find them.

    The silver (undamped), purple (undamped), and blue have very large soundstage when the ports are opened 100%.

    Also try the stock R1 black filter with 100% open port. The soundstage should be pretty large.
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