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Sony EX1000 Review and Impressions Thread (with comparisons to FX700, GR10 and e-Q5)

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  1. kms108
    I agree, I'm visiting Japan in November and hoping to pick one up, if the prices are so high, I can get one in Hong Kong, in the unlikely event the prices are too high or not available, I will have to live with it. But I will not pay HKD 3998 for it.
  2. kms108
    I will not purchase one second hand, especially iem or headsets, you are not sure how people are using them, but places like e-earphone is a good place for them as, they check all secondhand item, and you are sure to get a good bargain for them.
  3. Marvellous_DAP
    I won't purchase any second hand IEM as well, but I have to encourage the rest to purchase second hand, so that I won't have problem selling my gears later on the audio journey!

  4. Colors
    Got these from another Headfi member here.

    The level of detail of these is unreal. Simply put, never experienced music like this.
  5. jonathane40
    Nice! Which headphones/IEM did you have before?

    The EX1000 are excellent! They compare favorably to the CA Andromeda! I use them both on balanced on the Sony ZX-300. They both have different sound signatures but when I go from one to the other I am never disappointed! The Andromeda is more balanced but the EX1000 has more punch in the bass and is brighter as well. The EX1000 is definitely one of the best iem that I have tried considering the price!
  6. kms108
    Sony Japan has official end it life, the web site has stopped selling it, its a shame, but then again is been on sale for along time, it has to make room for new product.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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  7. Marvellous_DAP
    I guess I have just purchased the last brand new set in HK then, as all the stores I visited who listed ready stocks are not true.

    A shame for such a great IEM to be ended, but I am sure existing users will enjoy it's legacy!

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  8. SilverEars
    I'm curious if anybody tried it out of a tube amp? I used to have a hybrid tube amp, and tried it out with the EX1000, and the tonality sounded most realistic (vocals sounded like it came alive). Interestingly, the sound stage became quite large (which was quite unreal to me). I used the hybrid tips with the foam inserts, and not a deep and tight fit. It was slightly loose as I found tight deep fit changes the sound drastically. I think the tip has to fit not snug, a bit loose to get the ideal response from what I recall.

    This is what I remember most of this iem.
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2018
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  9. hemipowered007
    Let's hope it's new successor shares some attributes. I need to just huy a spare now before theyre gone. I don't care if it's used, doesn't bug me.
  10. hemipowered007
    Ya I feel the same about fit. I use the stock tips, no foam, and those still to this day give me the best sound. I have some mandarins on the way though, we shall see.
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  11. SilverEars
    Z1R is too expensive for my blood. And I thought EX1000 was quite expensive when it first came out. If there is a Sony store nearby, I'd be interested in trying it out, but that $2300 price is just too much.
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2018
  12. Colors
    Funny how it went from like $550 to $2300.

    I expect it to blow the EX1000 out of the waters for that price. Although the lead engineer is probably different now.
  13. kms108

    I doubt if, it will be the last, there is one thing clear, it will be a legend, follow it's precedure of the ex484, where it does go for at least 10 or 20 times it's original price when it still on sale after 10 years or so after production.
  14. kms108
    One thing you need spare of is the cables.
  15. kms108
    You can always go for the M7 or M9, much cheaper than the Z1R.
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2018
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