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Sony EX1000 Review and Impressions Thread (with comparisons to FX700, GR10 and e-Q5)

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  1. deafdoorknob
    reterminate it as a 2.5mm for the widest compatibility, as quality 2.5 to 3.5 (3 or 4 pole) or 2.5 to 4.4 adapters are widely avaliable and least bulky
  2. kms108
    Thanks, but the problem is I don't have a player with 2.5mm, and probably won't even buy one, but I do intend to keep my ZX2 as I like it very much, even more than the ZX300, apparently I like the SQ on the ZX2 even more than the ZX300 even on Balanced, so the question is which sounds better is a matter of taste and personal preference.

    My next DAP if it's available and if rumors are correct, will be the anniversary edition.
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  3. Audio-Omega
    What's their build quality like ?
  4. pietcux
    The build quality of what, the EX1000?That is simply excellent.
  5. deafdoorknob
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2018
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  6. Audio-Omega
    Thanks. I assume EX800ST earphones have similar build quality.
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2018
  7. kms108
    The EX800ST is for studio use, mainly vocal, hand made and hand tuned, all polycarbonate or plastic housing the supplied cable is also longer, and you get less supplied accessories, than the EX600 and EX1000.
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2018
  8. kms108
    From my understanding, the EX1000 may get discontinued as it's the EOL for this IEM, Sony has stopped production of the supplied cable, Sony Japan does not sell this cable in the service center as a spare accessories anymore, as they have no stock left, they have mentioned that they won't make any more, even if you want to place a order or willing to wait, so it's left over stock that is on the market from now on.
  9. pietcux
    So the housing of the EX1000 is made from Magnesium, the EX800 from polycarbonate. That is a huge difference.
  10. kms108
    Taking in consideration, the EX800ST was selling at approximate 28000 yen, and the EX1000 was over 58000 yen during the release.
  11. Tawek
    I will repeat it again ex1000 + gold-plated copper cable 4.4mm and wm1z (1.02 firmware) = simply amazing
    Huge soundstage, very coheren, excellent separation.
    for confirmation and comparisons, I am convinced that it is the same league as se5ult, obravo eamt2c, piano forte x-g 20180409_105108.jpg 20170809_000203.jpg 20180425_154758.jpg ....
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  12. Signal2Noise
    Who made the cable? I'm looking for 4.4mm termination for EX1000.
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  13. hemipowered007
    What tips are you using?
  14. jonathane40
    I’m also interested in who made the cable. I just got Plussouns to reterminate the stock cable with a Pentaconn right angle adapter. I’ll report back once I receive it.
  15. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    This is still the best I have ever heard.
    After the honeymoon periods where off on other stuff much much more expensive it is always back to these.
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