Sony Discman D25 and Fred_Fred 2004 3 way design rechargeable amp
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Oct 11, 2011
     Hello, I am selling my Sony Discman D 25 in excellent working condition along with a brand new Fred_Fred 2004 3 way design amp, I received the amp on May, 8th 2013 and I opened it to make sure I got everything inside and to see if it was working, I got the amp thinking that I was going to buy hard to drive headphones and iems, the Ety ER4s or Tzar 350 but I deided that I do not wan to carry an amp around besides that I currently do not own have to any hard to drive gear. here is a link the one I got is the black one rechargeable
the sound signature of his amp it's neutral and crystal clear, a you can find good reviews about it by well know revierwers, here is link, , the amp uses a 1/4 headphone jack,
the Discman as you know is one of the best Discman ever made  they are rarely available, since the battery is discontinued you will have to get wall power supply for it, but I made a battery adapter for it which you can use 3 AA batteries so you can use it on the go, I will post pictures of it once I get home since I am posting this from my work,
the discman I amselling is the black one in the picture
 Buyer pays paypal fees and shipping or gift card, I will only sell both together, the only item I would let go by itself is the amp NOT the discman, so please do not ask me if I will sell just the discman, any question and request for more pictures just send me a message or a reply
also any local headfier in South Florida let me know if you want to audition this rig but only if you have a good headphone that I could audition too
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