Sony Discman D-2 or D-11?
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Nov 17, 2010
Yes, I have Daps and my LG v8 ThinQ, but I also still have lots of cds. I am old I guess, so I want to have one of these at my office, and will not be walking around with it. I care about the headphone out, not about the line out. I have a Pioneer PDR W739 connected to my vintage receivers for home use, anyway, I have been looking at EBay and see that the D-11 and D-2 can be had for under $50. I don’t need a D-555 or D-303, and am not interested the rechargeable batteries. Anyway, does anyone have or had the D-11 or D-2? I had a car discman back in the day that sat on egg crating on the seat next to me in my 82 Tercel, don’t remember the model of it though: )

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