Sony DAP will not sync, just craps out
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May 9, 2006
I own a Sony A818, and I recently decided to give to to my wife as her music player. I deleted all the files on it, then I went to add a large playlist using WMP 11, and it just stops after a few songs. No go. I keep plugging and unplugging, and it keep stalling out on the sync.

I tried using another media management app, Media Jukebox, and same thing. So it's probably the player. Any ideas? I tried resetting it, but that hasn't made any difference.

Edit: Tried a reformat on the Sony and it seems to be working again. Keeping fingers crossed. Anyone else had the same experience?

Double Edit:
If anyone cares, the reformat failed to make a difference too. Sync kept stalling. So I unplugged it and tried synching via WinXP Pro on my notebook and, no surprise, it must have been a Vista issue. I am filling it up with music right now via XP. Strange, but just glad it's synching. On the other hand, my Sansa e270 syncs no problem on Vista (but it has had a firmware upgrade, while the Sony is still vers. 1.0).

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