Sony D-NF340 Failed Twice Need Alternative Discman
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Jun 27, 2004

I purchased the Sony D-NF340 last year. After 3 months of use it failed and I get a clicking noise and the player says "no disc". I sent it back and paid $30 to have the Sony folks fix the unit. I get it back and it works fine. I use it for another 3 months and then it fails again. What are my options on the market now for a portable cd player? I prefer to try a different brand. The only other brand on amazon was "Coby". I like listening to cds when I read at the library or when I'm at work.


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modern sony pdcp (portable compact disc players) have really weak amp sections and no line outs. I once compared my gpx cd player to a roomie's sony pcdp (modern) and the GPX performed much better. I suggest you look in the used market. most pre 93 discman sound wonderful even though they eat batteries like there is no tommorrow.

for mp3 cd players look for the old iriver xsilms.
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Do you recommend checking out GPX brand cd players? The older disc man's to my knowledge do not have the "resume" feature that takes you to the exact place you left off at. I love that feature.
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There are so many good used ones for sale on ebay for next to nothing, that's the only route I would go. I bought a Panasonic SL-S160 1995 model year for like $10 I think and it's been working perfect for a while now. All the new ones made these days look very cheap IMO.
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I have a Sony D303 that has most likely one of the best amp sections Sony ever did on these. It has a line out and optical but they go out of adjustment easily and aren't the easiest to find.

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