Sony D-EJ1000 PDCP, and a little something
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Apr 5, 2002
It took me a couple months, but I finally decided I like my Panasonic SL-570 better. And so, for a song, my Sony D-EJ1000 portable CD player goes on sale for the low, low price of $140. Price includes Priority shipping to the lower 48.

And that something is ...? OK, I'm a bit embarrassed putting this on sale here, but perhaps someone with a concurrent interest in birding or astronomy will appreciate this. I have a barely-touched, two year-old pair of really great binoculars, the Minolta Activa 7x35 W. I loved these to death when I first bought them, but for one reason or another they've sat on the shelf since then. Now that I've bought a Canon image-stabilized replacement, I no longer have a need for these. $80 including shipping.

Thanks for looking

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