Sony CD player D-NE20 for repair 30$ OBO (includes shipping and paypal fees)
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Jun 8, 2007
This is a Sony CD player model D-NE20 it can play mp3s as well as CDs. The unit will play most of the time just fine but then sometimes will make a clicky noise (some kind of gear or something inside) and it will skip or stop playing for a unknown amount of time (usually back to playing within a 15 seconds).
if you leave it completely still it will play alright.

comes with the box and pretty much everything except the pouch. the battery still holds a decent charge and if you want you can plug in a ac adapter if you connect the double A battery compartment.

I bought it new for 120 bucks :O

the cosmetic condition is good - very good.


more pics and other things for sale at: stuff for sale - a set on Flickr

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