Sony A7xx & A8xx clear case....$5.99??
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Nov 25, 2003
i suggest the protection method listed in the last post of this thread
Does this come with a screen protector? - Sony A820 / A720 - abi>>forums
I can confirm that its works well, and is cheap! The shock protection and extra grip that comes from the silicon case has protected my player from several falls, and has kept it from sliding off surfaces or out of my hand. The screen protector from bestskinsever dried clear, and after about a week the very few air/fluid bubbles i couldn't get out during the initial install dissipated since it is gas permeable and its now a perfect screen application. This isn't the junk dry application "sticker" type film which yields an imperfect bond to the screen and affects clarity and lacks durability. This stuff is strong, check out torture tests of a similar material called invisible shield on youtube. I dont like the clear cases, they don't have the same kind of shock protection or grippiness. and the way they cover the screen adds distance and affects how the screen looks.

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