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Aug 11, 2002
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Aug 11, 2002
Well, i took the plunge and bought them in stockholm (1690 Kroner! Expensive, thats around 160/150 Euro, and the same in dollars).

But i know i got ripped of a bit, but i needed them for my flight back.

anyway, i burnt them in for 2 days before i left, just let them play a looped cd, and They sound fantastic!

I had tried the 270s, which where quite dire, and a few other models they had in the store, but the v6s had such an absolute perfect bass, it was hard, powerful, but extremely tight and controlled, I swear these headphones give the same atmosphere as being in a club (when listening to techno), the bass was phenomenol.

I tried some hip hop and electro too, in Jazz however, the highs were kind of harsh and i could tell they would tire me out a bit, Fortunetly my MD player has a small EQ (the Sony 900) so i just dropped the treble a tad, and it was perfect.

I wore them from Norrkoping to Dublin, a trip of mabey 7 hours, and they never bored me. The sound is very exciting and vivd, and its so bright and clear you really do Hear Everything in the recording. They did get a bit hot though.

I tried them from HIFI too, and they were very much the same, which is nice, because i don't really want headphones taht are too hard to drive to get the full Value for money out of them with portables.

anyway, thanks to all here for the advice!

I'm off to give Miles davis a spin.
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