Sonore microRendu Music Streamer impressions

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by mikeyfresh, May 5, 2016.
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  1. punit
    To quote from the Darko article "With the new Roon update installed, KEF LS50 Wireless users will see their speakers show up as an output device in Roon’s audio settings panel. Enable this new endpoint and name it to stream digital audio directly and gaplessly from Roon server to KEF standmount – no interceding streamer required".

    So, you do not need another UR or MR (if your LS50 has an ethernet port). Just connect the LS50 ethernet port to your router & it will show up on Roon as an end point. Pretty neat.

    I have a Sonic transporter i7 & Andrew is a very helpful guy. You can reconfirm the above with him.
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  2. canali
    yes that was my impression, too.
    Danny, from Roon's tech support, kindly replied to my query on the Roon forum just a moment agon
    and he says i don't need another MR, for my situation:
    If you don’t need to zone group, you don’t need the MR. You definitely don’t need the power supply for the kef since they have that built in.
  3. adamaley
    Could you break down what the IsoRegen does in the chain. I've been away from hifi for almost all year and just recently came back to find my mR 1.3 is obsolete, there is now an UltraRendu, and I hear of an IsoRegen. The last regen I knew of appears to be a different product. Also, I have a Mutec USB device - does it do something similar to what the IsoRegen does? I know I can simply go to CA and get this info, but....
  4. TheAttorney
    I don't think I'm qualified to give a definitive answer. I don't know about the Mutec USB device. I don't know about the old regen, but lots of people have written that the ISO Regen is a big improvement over its older brother.
    I've since upgraded my mR to v1.4 becuase it was relatively low cost. It seemed to give an incremetal improvement to SQ, but I had no way of doing a direct A/B comparison.

    The ISORegen is simply a USB regenerator that has a better clock than the old version and it also provides galvanic isolation and comes bundled with a high quality hard USB connector that several people have said is an improvement over most USB cables.
    Some people have written that the IR becomes redundant by the time you get to an ultraRendu. Others have said that the IR can still help. Just about everybody agrees that an IR can help a microRendu v1.3 or v1.4.

    Anyway, I'm not intending to do any more upgrades of this type, so not going to even listen to ultraRendus or the SOtM ultra boxes. Instead I'll be concentrating on getting a source that's good enough for it not to need such downstream fixes.
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  5. joseph69
    Anyone having issue with dropouts with 1.4 (build 300) and the uR?
    Since the so called 'upgrade' to this version/build I have 1 drop out every single time I launch Roon.
    Prior to the 'upgrade' I had absolutely no dropout issue whatsoever. I know it's only limited to 1 dropout (every time) but it's still most annoying, and I shouldn't have this issue at all. I also noticed yesterday and this afternoon that while playing 176kHz/DSD64 files they drop out at any given time and Roon automatically continues to the next track in the queue, which never happened before the 'upgrade' either. Any suggestions/input would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

    EDIT: I shouldn't have said "dropouts". The issue I'm having is actually Roon pausing playback automatically 1 time every time I'm using it, sorry.
    All I have to do is just click on the pause button to resume play. Anyone else having this issue?
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  6. file1man
    the microrendo by senora costs $640 and the recommended sbooster linear power supply is $325, total $965. My CCA, chromcast audio, costs $32, with very inferior sound. the uptone isogen $310 is a similiar usb decrapper ( usb in and usb out) placed just before your dac, usually used with the $425 uptone LP1.2 linear type power supply=total $735.Perhaps best help is the $1200 sms-200 ultra network audio adapter with a lan connector in & usb out to my dac. We persue the best sound. cd"s will be harder to buy(best buy will not sell cd's after july, 2018). Users now more often get their music from online services-tidal, spotify, Itunes, google music, or amazon music. so, seems for best online music, we must choose these expensive choices- $965 microrendo, uptone $735, sms-200 ultra $1200. Im wondering if we are buying these expensive addons for that last 5 percent better sound. I expect the technology must improve and evolve a lot more before we get our dollars worth. So buying used stuff, Ive spent between $12,000 and $25,000 on this hobby in the last 30 years, perhaps another $2000 for line decrappers, clock regenerator, and better linear supplies is the current price of admission to better internet based sound.

    reminds me of, years ago, when better cables were a exaggerated pathway to better sound. Yes, I prefer wireworld and audioquest cinnamon cables, but they are a luxury, I hope to save up. Just hope the technology evolves so we all have superior sound from these internet sources at a reasonable cost. Reasonable cost seems hard to grasp in this hobby, err passion.
  7. file1man
    I like your suggestion from a dec, 2017 post that before I persue a $735 isoregen regenerator or $975 ultrarendu or $1200 sotm-200 ultra, I should get a souce that good enough for them. Now in March, 2018, what exactly did you do. Im out of this hobby for 9 years. My chain is music hall cd player & intel computer , schiit gungnir dac with no usb, (just coax/optical in on the dac), ead preamp, ati amp, thiel 2.3 floorstander speakers, svs subs, a yamaha avr with 11.2, a cambridge cxn dac/streamer, dbpoweramp,jriver ripper/player. And yes, a VIP turntable & record cleaner sit in the closet, never out of the box.

    My cd/dac seems to be better sounding than tidal, spotify premium, not at all expected. where to next in my quest for superior sound at a reasonable cost.

    Seems like your further down that road than I, please help with at lease getting a source good enough and some sense of where you would spend your dollars. I see a gungnir update with usb5 and the $500 dac update, but not certain what sb next.
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  8. lcasadonte
    I think this can happen when roon has a degraded network connection or your pc gets busy like running a virus scan. Basically anything that "interrupts" roon, roon pauses playback. Lots of things can happen in your network and if you are wireless you are at a disadvantage. Playing high res or mqa also increases the need for roon to have a solid network connection. Not sure if that helps, but hopefully a starting point.
  9. joseph69
    I use an Ethernet connection. The issue started prior to the last upgrade, but since the latest upgrade (1.4 build 306) I haven't had the issue at all.
    I reported the issue to the mods at the Roon community when it was occurring and they were in the middle of trying to solve the issue. I. haven't heard back from them since they've told me they will contact me, so haven't let them know that the issue seems to be solved (in case it isn't) with the latest upgrade so far.

    Seems every time there is an "upgrade" something else get negatively effected.

    Thank you for the reply. :beerchug:
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  10. TheAttorney
    I've only done minor tweaks whilst I await delivery of my Paul Hynes SR7 powers supply that should give my system a new reference point from which to compare sources. You can track my progress on romaz's excellent thread:

    It's a long thread, but absolutely worth reading end to end. The posts in the last few months in particular open up a mind boggling roller coaster of possibilities. Once you've read that, you'll realise why it's just abpout impossible for me to give a simple recommendation
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