Sonore microRendu Music Streamer impressions

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by mikeyfresh, May 5, 2016.
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  1. AFWannabe
    The big question now is: ultraRendu vs Sms200 ultra...
  2. Puma Cat
    What is an SMS200 Ultra?
  3. AFWannabe
  4. Puma Cat
  5. maii
    just bought refurbished one apparently it's a fault unit spent 45 usd import tax + 512 usd refurbished I felt ripped off. I had spent the whole day today cancelled my lover's appointment as just came back from a long trip but music audio gears comes first then to figuring out with help from Jesus sonore guy support team. It didn't work at all. Router connected direct with microrendu at one point to point and router connected direct to MacBook Pro. Ethernet connection looks good on MacBook Pro but sonicorbiter can't find microrendu. I just wanted to try if this little small brick(as for me now because it doesn't work at all) so I could make my considering to upgrade to the better quality one. Has anyone had this experience before I need some help. Power from teradak power supplied 7v 1a. Strange behave amber light flash one second then gone, unplugged and plugged in amber flashed one second and gone, two hours later plugged power to turn on amber lights flashing from time to time. It's ruined my day. Why would they sent defected unit why didn't they check the item before sending out for the replacement do I have to pay again 45 usd if it won't work again I spent about 600 usd for a small brick then. Thank you in advance for your help.
  6. Charente
    That is a bu**er ... no other word for it! ... OK, some basic checks that have tripped me (and others) up in the past ... Presumably the DC power plug is fully seated into the mR from your PS ? ... and the SD card is also fully in ? How is the mR connected to your network ... via a switch or direct to the router ? ... try direct to the router first so that it correctly acquires an IP address.

    I would have thought they have checked them as part of the refurbishment program. I don't know where you're based, but in Europe I tend to buy only if the manufacturer has a local representation in case of such events. I realise that doesn't help you right now.
  7. maii
    Where I live there is no distributer so I bought direct from sonore website they helped me a lot tho but it didn't work. Yes power plug is fully seated microsd card snapped everything checked that's why I was so upset spent one night and one day tried to make it works was my royal pain in the ass. As I described tried direct to router nothing works tried via powerline adapter nothing works you maybe can imagine about how many ways how many times i tried the same things again and again different ways again and again. I tried every possibly ways with their help within about almost 20 hours in total that i spent so I gave up the only thing I see now is little amber light flashing time to time no fun tho. They offered me new micro sd card if it won't work they would replace with new unit but I would better refund.
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2017
  8. joseph69
    This may be slightly off topic, but is anyone here using Roon with their mR/uR?
    I'm having a strange issue with Roon the first time I launch with popping/clicking at the start/end of tracks, as well as switching between sample/bitrates, but...if I quit Roon and re-launch the issue goes away? Roon Labs Support knows about this, and we've changed some audio settings to no avail. I've only recently discovered that quitting/re-lauching Roon solves the issue. This is the second time I did this and it has worked. I also just let Roon Support know about this fix(?), so I'm just waiting for a reply from them. Has anyone else experienced this same issue? Also, does anyone know why this would be happening?
  9. joseph69
    So everyone using Roon with mR/uR have no issues at all between tracks, and switching sample/bitrates is dead silent?
  10. Puma Cat
    I'm not having any issues; using a Mac Mini for OS for Roon. There used to be a problem when switching between a PCM track and a DSD track, but that was fixed in a rev of Roon earlier this year.
  11. joseph69
    I'm also having the issue between PCM/DSD as well. I'm running macOS High Sierra v10.13 and I didn't use Roon prior to this OS because I couldn't, I had to upgrade from OS Mountain Lion v10.8 so I could download Roon.
    What OS are you currently running?
    Thank you very much for the reply.
  12. Puma Cat
    Oh gosh, it's an earlier version; 10.9.5, Mavericks

    Not a fan of the later Mac OS versions, to be honest, particularly El Crapitan.
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2017
  13. joseph69
    I actually preferred Mountain Lion over High Sierra, but as I mentioned I needed an OS upgrade to download Roon and High Sierra was my only choice.
    I may be getting somewhere though. I just plugged my headphones directly into my MBP and initially had the same issue, but it just went away in both "OS Mixer/CoreAudio Exclusive Mode". Also, in "Exclusive Mode" switching between sample/bitrates went seamlessly without issue.

    Sounds like my issue may not be OS/Roon related.
    I just reported my findings, so I'll wait for a reply fro Roon.

    Once again, thank you for your replies. I'll be sure to post the outcome
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  14. Jiffi32
  15. canali
    shout out to all Kef LS50 wireless speakers owners...

    need your assistance kindly.

    I'd read from a few posters on here and other forums that once Roon

    was hooked up with the Kef speakers that many are finding that they

    no longer need their MR or LPS1 power supplies
    : that the sound was as good

    now with Roon implemented.
    from one helpful poster on the AV forums:
    ’‘Roon integration is really good. A lot of people have sold their micro Rendu a or ultra Rendu once it came out.
    Look on the computer audiophile forum.’’

    I was always under the impression that an MR

    was needed if feeding it ethernet/usb to clean the signal path...but I guess Roon

    is already doing that? i'm a bit unsure of how to proceed as i have a mr 1.4 and lps 1 for my focal alpha 50 desktop actives..but thought i'd need another mr and lps1 or sbooster for my kef speakers too.

    am askng as i am about to buy a sonictransporter i5 from andrew (sooo helpful) of sgc...unsure if i should add another mr and power supply or not for the new speakers.
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2017
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