Sonore microRendu Music Streamer impressions

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by mikeyfresh, May 5, 2016.
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  1. punit
  2. EndGameSearch
    I'm sure the answer is some where on this 27 page long thread, but I'm looking for a quick yes or no answer to determine if I should even explore the microrendu. I assume most people plug their microrendu into an open ethernet port in their wifi router. That same router is connected to their modem via ethernet. So far so good?

    I have a google mesh wifi set up at home where a google unit is attached to the modem via ethernet. I have three other google units throughout my house that pass and extend the wifi network. I have strong connection throughout my house so bandwidth should not be an issue (110 down and 10 up).

    Will the microrendu work if I plug it into one of the google mesh wifi units? My plan would be to simply buy another google wifi unit for my office, plug the microrendu into the google unit via ethernet next to my DAC. Right now I have a dedicated Mac in my office used solely to stream Tidal via Roon. It would be nice to re-purpose that mac for some other use. My very rough understanding of the rendu, is that it would serve the same purpose the Mac is currently server and I could control it from a different network attached device running roon.

    Thanks in advance...
  3. Tom Blake
    I have the output of a Google WiFi point going to an ethernet switch. My ultraRendu (previously microRendu) is plugged into the same switch along with my Roon server. Whichever remote device I am using for Roon sees the Rendu endpoint no problem. Works flawlessly. BTW I have my microRendu posted for sale due to upgrading to the ultra.
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  4. EndGameSearch
    Excellent. Thanks Tom.
  5. stickboy85
    Been contemplating one of these for a while now. Currently using KEF LS50 Wireless speakers with a Bluesound Node 2 streamer.
    Would a Microrendu provide an improvement over the Node 2??
  6. Puma Cat
  7. stickboy85
    Is that speaking from personal experience with this setup?
  8. Puma Cat
    That depends. Which setup do you mean: the Bluesound or the Sonore microRendu or comparing both? I haven't heard the Bluesound, but I own and use the microRendu and even with the older version 1.3 hardware, it notably outperformed the Schiit Wyrd decrapifier connected to my Mac Mini and brought a significant improvement to my digital audio playback chain. Also Micheal Lavorgna of Audiostream compared the Sonore microRendu last year with the $4900 Baetis Audio Revolution III Media Server, and said the Sonore "simply sounded better". Also, the Sonore microRendu was one of Chris Connaker of Computer Audiophile's CASH award winners last year and summed up his review with "With the mR in my system, I'm getting the best sound I've ever heard in my house" and "I don't believe I've had a sonically better source connected to my system at any time."

    The version 1.4 hardware update takes the microRendu to another level altogether with all new precision oscillators with ultra-low jitter; so while I can't say definintively it would sound better than the Bluesound, my guess is it would given the other products it's outperformed.
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  9. Puma Cat
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  10. stickboy85
    I was referring to the KEF and microrendu setup but appreciate your input and the link.
    Sounds like I'd be onto a winner with the MR!
  11. ATXKyle
    Just make sure you also budget for a quality power supply. I started with the $50 iPower and was experiencing some harshness, which all went away and sounded beautiful once I moved to an Uptone LPS-1 power supply. Also, you should look at the ultraRendu or Sotm SMS-200-ultra, as by all accounts these are a clear step up. But imo the power supply is more important than the “ultra” upgrade.
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  12. Charente
    I would go further and say that IME the iFi iPower affects (pollutes) the AC supply to other components.
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  13. Puma Cat
    I would say, "Yes, you would be." The version 1.4 hardware upgrade was quite an improvement, too. So, it's even better than when those reviews were done.
  14. Puma Cat
    I haven't heard the Ultra upgrade, but I would fully agree with you on the importance of the power supply. I upgraded to the Uptone LPS-1 and have been very happy with it. IME, power supplies are often what makes or breaks a potentially great audio component. Their contribution to, and impact on, sound quality cannot be overstated.
  15. TheAttorney
    I agree with the recent comments on the value of the mR and the importance of the power supply.
    I'd just like to clarify something to anyone about to take the plunge.The following is all IMO:

    There is effectively only one model now for newcomers: that's the ultraRendu, which has in effect completely superceded the mR - becuase it gives an allegedly big SQ boost for a proportionately small incremental additional cost.

    The clock upgrade in the mR v1.4 is really only there to keep existing mR v1.3 customers happy becuase there is no upgrade scheme from mR to uR - you just have to sell the mR (at probably quite a loss) and buy a uR at full price. So mR v1.4 is only there for v1.3 customers who want a SQ boost at a modest price, but don't want to lose money on their original investment. I can say this becuase Sonore don't sell v1.4 direct - you have to buy the v1.3 and then buy the upgrade, which makes no sense for a new customer, unless maybe they strongly value the small size of the original mR. It has got this way because of a quirk of history and the way designs in this area have rapidly evolved.

    I'm very happy with my mR v1.3 + IsoRegen (IR) combination, and I don't at this stage want to spend significant hundreds of bucks to get the ultraRendu. But I may well get the interim boost of a v1.4 upgrade. This still costs a couple of hundred bucks or so, but will make it much easier to sell my mR should I choose to do that in the future.
    But if I was starting from scratch, I'd go straight for the uR, or the various SOtM alternatives, and then see if the IR adds further value on top of that.
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