Sonore microRendu Music Streamer impressions

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by mikeyfresh, May 5, 2016.

  1. joseph69
    OK, it all makes sense now being I knew had read people asking when the new version would be out. I didn't know there was a beta version out, so when you said you're using Audirvana>mR I figured I was just having issues. Thanks for all your help and bringing this to my attention, I appreciate it, :beerchug:
  2. Charente
    Glad we sorted it !
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  3. joseph69
    Thanks again!
  4. Puma Cat
    Hi folks, just a note that I got my Sonore microRendu back today with the version 1.4 hardware upgrade, and have to say this provides a notable improvement. The musical presentation is cleaner, sweeter, more musical and the sound stage is more fully fleshed out. Recommended for those considering this upgrade. Should point out I am using this in a 2-channel Conrad-Johnson amplification chain with Dynaudio floor-standing loudspeakers.
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  5. joseph69
    I purchased the $20.00 2.5v software upgrade a few months ago for my mR. I'm a bit confused on the 1.2 upgrade, especially assuming you need to send it to Sonore for this upgrade, being you're stating you just got it back. What is the 1.2 upgrade?

  6. canali
    yeah after much back and forth i finally went for the 1.4 upgrade, too....originally i was considering selling my MR and going the UR route.
    but then I realized i'd only get $400 for my MR sold, and to upgrade to an UR would cost an additional $500+ more (eg $100 in taxes since i'm a canuck)....
    so in short: if the 1.4 upgrade hits 90% of the ultrarendu then i'll be happy.

    in a yr or so i'm sure more new usb/ethernet approaches/gizmos will be coming out and we'll all be upgrading yet again in this fast evolving area.
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  7. Puma Cat
    Canali, you won't be disappointed. The 1.4 hardware upgrade is well worth it. I was initially skeptical too, but not only did it sound notably better upon first listen, it improved even with a few hours burn-in time. You're basically getting a new clock which significantly reduces jitter, and that improvement is very easily discerned.
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  8. Puma Cat
    The upgrade you purchased was a firmware upgrade, not a software upgrade.They are different things. And. it's not a 1.2 upgrade, it's version 1.4 of the Hardware, a more significant upgrade that can be managed by firmware. You have to send it back to Sonore because they are replacing a circuit board. It only took them a few days turnaroud to do the upgrade. The version 1.4 hardware upgrade is very clearly described on the website. I'd recommend going there and reading about the upgrade in more detail. In essence, you're getting a new digital clock (referred to techincally as an oscillator) that has notably less jitter than the prevous clock. This improvement results very clearly noticeable improvement in the sound quality. Well worth the price of the upgrade.
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  9. joseph69
    Thank you for the explanation. What confused me was I received notice from Sonore about the firmware upgrade, but the 1.4 Hardware upgrade, which is why I was confused.
    Thanks again for the explanation, and I'll be heading to their site for details.
  10. Puma Cat
    Yes, Joseph, I completely understand, I was confused too, at first about the version 1.4 hardware upgrade relative to the 2.3 > 2.5 firmware upgrade. The Sonore website could be clearer about these upgdrades, The new firmware upgrade improves the sound a bit, but the version 1.4 hardware upgrade improves the sound a LOT. IMHO, it is very much worth the price of the upgrade. I just send a note to Adrian and Jesus at Sonore, and here's what I wrote about my impressions:

    Hey gents,
    I just got my Sonore microRendu back yesterday and the new 1.4 hardware upgrade is a BIG improvement in sound quality. What I noticed most was a lower noise floor, increased soundstage depth, improved articulation of musical instruments and voices, more refined instrumental timbres and, increased resolution but not at the price of a more etched or sterile sound, Vocals and sutble instrumental details are notably improved in terms of “musicality”, but in a really nice, natural way. Overall, a more spacious, sweeter, musical, refined and engaging musical presentation.
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  11. joseph69
    OK, so I'm glad I wasn't the only one confused. Your impressions sure have me interested in the upgrade, which I'm sure I'll be doing once the colder weather comes around, and I get the itch for improvement. Thanks again for clarifying the the upgrade, and for your impressions!
  12. Puma Cat
    You're welcome, Joseph. Glad you found it useful. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical about how much improvement this would bring, but I was very pleasantly surpised, to say the least. Very highy recommended.
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  13. punit
    I am torn between upgrading mine to 1.4 or getting an UR. Although my rational brain says 1.4 will be more value for money, my audiophile brain will always wonder what I missed out eventually I think I will get the UR..:joy:
  14. Puma Cat
    You're probably right, but I think it's going to be on those "law of diminishing returns" upgrades....a slight improvement for quite a bit more money. Welcome to the High End. Be interested to find out, though
  15. joseph69
    Being Sonore replaces your original v1.3 board and keeps it, I'm going to ask if they would be willing to offer discounted trade in prices for the uR.

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