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Sonic Visions, new audio discord

  1. smodtactical
    Hey everyone, just created Sonic Visions! A place to relax, unwind and let the sonic reverberations flow ! Thought I would make an open group for audiophiles to chat. There are no real rules other than just be friendly. I tried to break discussion into multiple groups of gear to make things more focused and precise. We already have some great guys in here well versed in audio so I look forward to very fruitful discussion.

    Always open to your feedback as well as we grow the discord. Thanks for coming its much appreciated !

    Last edited: Oct 5, 2018
  2. wink
    Why does sonics need discord...?
  3. wuwhere Contributor
  4. smodtactical
    Hahahha. Funny.
  5. serman005
    What kind of discord are you looking for exactly?
  6. smodtactical
    Relaxed and friendly audio discussion about all aspects of audio. A collegial open atmosphere.
  7. smodtactical
    Just a bump, our audio discord is going well, please feel free to join. Thanks!
  8. smodtactical
  9. Spareribs
  10. smodtactical
    Who is that?
  11. Spareribs
    I don’t know. I just like his mustache
  12. smodtactical
    Amazing lol
  13. smodtactical
    Bump.. have some great discussion, please join in!

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