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Sonic Sense Pro Audio

  1. sphinxvc
    (Didn't see a thread for Sonic Sense Pro Audio so I thought I'd start one off...)
    I ordered a pair of BNIB HD650s + 2 year warranty from them and they did an awesome job with pricing so far.  The prices on their website are retail but if you call in you can get a great deal.  (A note on their website: their whole inventory hasn't been updated and you will likely have to use the search box to find what you want (including the 650s)  They're good with communication as well.  I will update this thread once the 650s arrive to comment on shipping time, quality and condition of the item.
    Pricing: A - Well below retail..
    Shipping: A - Came in 6 days.
    Communication: A - Excellent
  2. chrome
    Based on your post, I've been calling Sonic Sense over the past few weeks.  I was given a price of $340 for the HD650, but initially was told they were out of stock and would have some "in a couple of weeks"; I was later told "mid-February".  I called back last Friday and was told "We don't sell that item.  That headphone is home audio, we sell pro audio."
  3. psmits
    Hi Chrome,
    Sorry to hear you had a somewhat confusing experience from us. When you posted this (approx Feb 2011) Sennheiser wasn't sure if they wanted to set up separate dealers for Consumer and Pro Audio, or keep them lumped together. It looks like that poured over to our customers as well! Try us again some day when you're looking for gear, I think you'll find our staff to be generally knowledgeable and helpful. I'm sure we can get you a great deal too :wink:
    p.s. we're releasing a new site coming about mid July, should be a pleasure to navigate & find what you need!
  4. NataliaLauk
    Fostex TH900 Headphones at Sonic Sense - be aware of a sale price
    I purchased Fostex TH900 headphones at sonicsense.com on May 6th 2014 for $1055.95
    Sonic Sense assured me,  that sale price is for a brand new product - Live Chat quote is below.
    "Sonic Sense - Mon, 5/5/2014 09:16:27 am.  
    I can offer you the member price on the BRAND NEW TH 900 of 1055.00"

    However, the headphones came in a damaged package  - manufacturer’s outer and internal boxes, both were damaged (pictures are here)
    If you are a pro-audio buyer and see your purchases as an investment  - you know that any damage affects initial item’s price significantly.  A product in condition like this can not be advertised or sold as a new one.
    I asked for a replacement , but Sonic Sense refused to provide it  because $1055 , quote, “was a sale price”.
    Plus, Sonic Sense stated - “We ship the item exactly how the manufacturer ships it to us”.
    Which sounds to me like  -  “We don’t care in what condition products are coming from manufacturer - we are still selling them as brand new ”.
    So if you’re purchasing Fostex TH900 at Sonic Sense - you have a chance to get the pair I returned, but pay $1499. Because Sonic Sense does not recognize this as a damage - and selling the product as a new one again - http://www.sonicsense.com/th900.html
    Here is the discouraging summary about my Sonic Sense experience:
    1. I paid for a brand new product  and did not receive one
    2. I had to spend time on the purchase, correspondence and the return
    3. Sonic Sense correspondences  tone was dismissive - quote -  “Due to your refined tastes - purchase locally. In both of our best interests not to continue this relationship”
    4. I missed a deal on undamaged Fostex TH900 at another web-store, because my money was on hold with Sonic Sense for 18 days.
    5. Sonic Sense was not prompt with the refund. They refunded my money 4 days after they got the headphones back - and only after my reminder.
    In conclusion - I’m not one of these “hard-to-please” customers. This is my first negative review for 3 years and more than 600 online purchases. However, I’m sharing this experience, hoping that it helps to save next customer’s  time and nerves. Think twice about buying from Sonic Sense, if there are hundreds of other bona fide sellers.
    I’ve already made my choice.
    Natalia Lauk
  5. macro
    I don't mean to be offensive or start an argument, but I think you're being a little unfair, Natalia. Sure there is a small ding on the corner of the box, but you purchased those headphones for 30% off the regular price. Assuming that the headphones were not damaged and did not show any signs of use, I would still consider them to be new condition. That sounds like a great deal to me, and I can understand why they wouldn't want to send you a replacement for that price. But I will concede that the sales associate should have been upfront with you about the condition of the packaging when you initially placed the order and it sounds like their customer service could be friendlier and more timely.
  6. NataliaLauk
    No offense taken))
    You might agree, that without an expertise it's hard to tell how this might have affected the sound quality and headphones service life.
    Just imagine selling a pair like this at Head-Fi and being shady about its condition.
    I asked Sonic Sense very specifically about the price. 
    And if they had told me "You know, the box was dropped, there are dents on the inner and outer packages- but we checked it and it's fine, plus you have a warranty" - I would be fine.
    I wouldn't had bought it, but my opinion about Sonic Sense stay high.
    But Sonic Sense choose not to tell me  anything - see the quote below.
    Natalia LaukMon, 5/5/2014 09:08:55 am 
     Hello, Could you, please, let me know what is the difference between these items in your web-store: Fostex TH900 (used $1499.99) and Fostex TH900 Premium Stereo Reference Headphones (new $1,099.95) . Price differs pretty drastically, so I'd like to make sure that to expect from a cheaper one in case I choose it. Thanks! 

     Sonic SenseMon, 5/5/2014 09:16:27 am 
     thanks for waiting, I will contact my inventory manager to fix this, however, I can offer you the member price on the BRAND NEW TH 900 of 1055.00 

     Natalia LaukMon, 5/5/2014 09:19:40 am 
     Sounds great. If I understand correctly, it's absolutely new item in manufacture sealed box?

    Sonic Sense Mon, 5/5/2014 09:20:16 am  
    Yes, all new item. and free shipping. 

  7. vas321
    I wouldn't say that it's "a small ding". In my opinion, it's a huge dent, I think Natalia is right on this issue and I totally agree with her.
    And considering the price, I suspect that they (Sonic Sense) were aware of the damage before sending the headphones to her and they just misled her.
    Even if it happened during the delivery, they didn't even bother to pack the headphones properly, to ship them in a double boxed packaging or something else, as do other sellers selling hi-end audio equipment.
    Or to send a replacement for the same price.
  8. macro
    I'm definitely with you two on that. Pretty shady, and all they accomplished was wasting both Natalia's and their own time.
    But I still think it was a good deal. If the cans look, feel or sound damaged, then return them. Find another pair to A/B test if you're not confident. I can kind of understand wanting a flawless box for peace of mind or better resale value, although I don't think it's worth the $450 I could save. And if I didn't think something could survive that kind of a drop, then I personally wouldn't order it online at all. That's something I buy in person and drive home in my car, especially if I'm spending over $1000. To each their own though :)
  9. vas321
    Maybe. But I think that if I bought a brand new item then I should get it without any cosmetic or technical flaws, in brand new condition, exactly as they advertised.
    Unfortunately, it's not always possible, because there are good faith sellers, and there are sellers like that, that's it.
  10. SonicSense
    Hello Natalia,
    As an owner here at Sonic Sense, and a life-long music lover and audio equipment enthusiast, I want to extend my apology for not meeting your expectations on your TH-900 order.  
    Upon hearing about this issue, I personally inspected the package when it arrived back here.  As we do not accept damaged packages coming from manufacturers, I know it did not leave here in this condition.  A second outer cardboard box around Fostex's shipping box would have reduced the possibility of this damage being inflicted in shipping.
    We have taken your comments to heart, implemented some policy changes in our shipping department, and addressed the matter with customer service to assure continually better customer experiences.
    Again, I am sorry you did not have the experience with Sonic Sense that we want everyone to have.  
    Please contact me directly if I can be of any assistance.
    Mojan Parker
    Currawong likes this.
  11. vas321
    It's just a formal reply.
    If you really want to help her, just give her an opportunity to buy TH900 at the same price and ship it in a safe box.
    That would be a real help. Not just words.
  12. kugino Contributor
    just wanted to give my experience with a TH900 order from sonic sense.  for the record, i have PM'd a couple of times with natalia about her unfortunate experience and hope that it is rectified in a manner that she is comfortable with.
    so i ordered a pair (at a great price) a few weeks ago. when i placed my order, i received an email the next day saying that it was out of stock and that they would get a new shipment "in a few weeks". they offered to refund my purchase or i could continue with the purchase and wait for the new shipment. i decided to wait. i was in no hurry.
    i contacted them about a week ago asking the status of my order and they said that the TH900 would arrive on June 4 and be shipped out immediately. lo and behold, i get a UPS notification on June 5 that my order shipped and i received my brand new pair of TH900 today, with pristine box. so my experience with sonic sense was more than positive and i got exactly what i ordered and the communication with me was very good.
    i cannot say whether my experience is the norm or if others have had similar experiences as natalia. but all i can report is that i had a great experience with sonic sense and would not hesitate to purchase from them again. 
  13. vas321
    You are lucky, given that they (Sonic Sense) have a considerable amount of negative reviews on yelp.com and some on google+. I, for example, would never buy from such seller, what for, if there are other sellers, more conscientious.
    Also, if they would like to help, they would have long ago given Natalia an opportunity to buy another brand new pair of th900 for the same price. And that would be fair.
    Otherwise it's just blah blah blah...
  14. kugino Contributor
    Yep. I know many have had bad experiences with SS. I can only provide my own experience and add another data point. We, as customers, then look at all the data points and make our decisions about whom to support. I can only hope that SS tries to get better with all the negative reviews that they have.
  15. vas321
    Of course, everyone is entitled to their opinion, you're right.
    But they continue to get negative reviews from year to year, if you were on Yelp, you probably paid attention to it.
    Better?  I don't know...  Would not say...

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