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Sonic Satori - HRT Levels the Field with the MicroStreamer

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by mikemercer, Jan 23, 2013.
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  1. sheldaze
    I am hearing my microStreamer in a whole new way through the REGEN. Amazing, in a way that I forget what I'm listening to. I can close my eyes and see a bigger, badder DAC and AMP setup. And sorry for the late post, but they just sent me the REGEN late last week - they seem to only produce them in batches. I'm going back through my USB DAC/AMP and finding gems like this!
    And the issue that I asked about (8/9/15 - post #1113) was resolved by the REGEN.
  2. Lohb

    I'd imagine so as I found a jump up in SQ just with a decent LPS.
    So I guess regen is like a hardware DSP with LPS ? 
    The one thing putting me off right now on that Regen thread is there seems to be too much cable modding to get it to sound right. Galvanic isolation and another (!) LPS needing to be bought separately from the unit to get it sounding as best it can.
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  3. jologskyblues
    Is the microStreamer enough to power the HD600/HD650 competently?
  4. ETanner

    I was using HRT microstreamer when I purchased my HD600s. I already had in mind my upgrade path that resulted in a Bimby and Valhalla 2. I used the microstreamer first with the 600s by themselves and was still struck by the beauty of the phones. They work well together. The microstreamer was certainly adequate to show them off. That said, with each upgrade I found the HD600s showing off more of what makes them a favorite of some of us.
  5. Jonamafun
    Anyone tried it with the Sony Z7?
  6. mikemercer
    Well said!
    I still love the HRT microStreamer - especially w/ my HD650s, and, recently, with a couple of my on-the-go cans like my Oppo PM3s, Beyerdynamic T51is, and, recently, I've been enjoying it in coffee houses around LA w/ my new Meze 99Classics!
    I have to say: I'm so excited to see this thread still hummin'!!!!
    It was the first thread I ever started with a review - as I didn't want to come off like "hey, here's my review, look at me!" - I thought the MS was overlooked. I still keep it in my road-case today!
    Can you imagine - in my reference-level road-case these days I have:
    MrSpeakers ETHER-C
    Noble Audio SAVANT IEMs (universal)
    Cavalli Audio portable Liquid Spark prototype
    Astell-n-Kern AK380 (for use w/ the Cavalli portable)
    Astell-n-Kern AKjr
    ALO Rx IEM amp
    Double Helix Cables Comp4 spore
    ALO mini-to-mini
    a handful of Black Ravioli resonance-control blocks
    and: My HRT microStreamer!
  7. mikemercer
    I'm going to try this for sure!
    Thanks for the tip
  8. dakanao
    How can I use the Microstreamer with the iPad 4 Retina?
  9. ETanner
    Yes you can. Simply purchase the Apple Camera Connector adapter to use between the USB input of the microstreamer and the iOS device.
  10. dakanao
    I purchased this one, will this work?

  11. ETanner
    Yes, that's the one. Enjoy
  12. dakanao
    So I got the camera connector kit, and the usb out of microstreamer fits in there and the small usb part withs in my iPad, but it doesn't work? I only get the message that it's not a registered product so it may won't work well on the iPad. Anybody knows how I can fix this?
  13. sheldaze
    I suspect it may be drawing too much power, even with the latest firmware, for Apple tablets and phones to work. You might try plugged into a USB hub. If it works, it was too much power draw from the microStreamer.
  14. dakanao
    Where can I buy such an USB Hub for cheap?
  15. dakanao
    Would this work?

    If not, there are a lot of other usb hubs under that product, which one of those will have enough power?
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