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Sonic Satori - HRT Levels the Field with the MicroStreamer

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by mikemercer, Jan 23, 2013.
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  1. ReelDeal
    I almost always have my computer with me, so I haven't used my Microstreamer much w. my Droid Maxx. But, I tried it a couple times and it does work. Really helps with my Phonak IEM's. They benefit from some exrta power. 
  2. loopfreak
    Use it as part of my travel gear and I must second that it gets along pretty good with my phonaks ( grey filters ). If phonaks could trow bigger soundstage ( iem limitation obviously ) I would be completely sold. Anyways, easy recommendation for this combination.
  3. sheldaze
    Anyone here using Audrivana Plus to play through their HRT microStreamer? I am getting frequent dropouts for one HDtracks album, with a unique 24/48 bit rate. I have not experienced dropouts for any other album, be it burned to AIFF, or downloaded from HTtracks or Pono. And when I say dropout, the sound does not return. I cannot get it to start playing sound by "rewind" to the beginning of the current track or by switching to another track within the album. Only by switching to another album, or quitting and restarting A+, can I regain sound. However 30 seconds later, it will dropout again.
    Also I've read this thread completely. I understand that there is a setting within Foobar2000 that has helped certain users with dropouts. But are those dropouts as I have described - music stops and will not start again until restarting the software or switching to a different album (at a different bit rate). I cannot prove the bit rate is the issue because it is the only album I have at 24/48. I have a few songs at 24/44.1 and 24/88.2 - most downloads I have are 24/96 or 24/192. Indeed when I switch to any of these other bit rate options, the sound returns. And when I switch back to the 24/48 bit rate album, it too will play for a random amount of time at least 30 seconds.
  4. Lohb
    Anyone here who wants to sell their HRT ,please let me know...
  5. LajostheHun
    sent you a PM
  6. jarrett
    Quite like mine still and use it via hifi system [​IMG]
  7. Lohb
    Anyone using the Uptone USB regen with their microStreamer ?
    Is the SQ improvement quite large A|B'ing the regen ?
  8. mikemercer
    SO psyched to see this thread still goin'!!!!
    I've been using the DAC section of MS in front of my Cavalli Liquid Carbon - and the marriage is a stunner! 96kHz/24-bit handles most of my personal digital music (but sure - I got lots at 192k also)  - and for on-the-road, it's AWESOME.
    of course, you can't see the small microStreamer behind my LCD-2Fs!!!!
    So, hearing the DAC section (via its own dedicated 2.25v true line-output - very forward-thinking when the MS came out) got me curious tonight - as I was getting ready to watch a documentary on my MacBook Pro - so I grabbed my HD800s, and the microStreamer - and then I remembered how much I loved this combo when I reviewed the MS years ago!!!!
    So I also busted out my OG Cardas Clear cable (what I woulda been listening to at that time) and this lil' system not only rivaled many portable laptop systems I've heard, but I still love it enough that I still consider the MS - sound quality ALONE - amongst the top musical performers in this particular DAC/headphone amp category...
    Kevin! Mr. Halverson - I beg of you Good Sir!
    PLEASE return to your HRT roots,
    and grant us a microStreamer II - or microStreamerHD!!
    F___ the speaker systems! Let Audioengine have that game.
    I still think you could make a product like that that would STAND OUT.
    just IMHO
  9. mikemercer
    this sounded SO good the other night (busted it out for ol' times sake):
    We wanna microStreamerHD!!!
  10. Lohb
    Yep, I sold mine then bought another used one recently.Missed it a lot. The natural presentation and detail balance is excellent considering it is delta-sigma.
    An amazing little DAC box not getting enough exposure recently.
    Try a simple (and transportable) LPS such as Teradak U9 with split isolated data and power lines with the HRT. As others have said, you are getting the unit and cable for the price of the cable if it were custom.
    Jump up again in dynamics/separation/detail if only because USB powering it off a computer is not the best choice to show what it really can do.
  11. cedou97yon
    Hello Mr Mercer,
    as you know hrt very well, your comment makes me wanna ask your opinion about their speaker ? What do you reproach them ?
    Their stage system doesn't seems to sell well and as HRT doesn't comment about any possible future update (sub,toslink input..) we could really think the product has been abandoned.
    I also own a microstreamer and I agree that you can't be disapoint with it.
  12. cedou97yon
    i may consider the "Teradak U9 with split isolated data and power lines",
    but do you use a laptop or or normal pc with it ?
    I assume that the enhencement might be better if you used a laptop as it depends on the power suply.
    I use the microstreamer with a normal pc and I wonder if the improvement worth it.
  13. Lohb

    Laptop or PC are kind of dirty if you are powering a DAC off any kind of computer. It is just good practice to isolate an externally powered DAC from your computer USB and refreshingly not expensive.
    I got my data-only cable from buying ebay gold plated USB connectors and a Singapore cryo UP-OCC cable seller's cable (24AWG  UPOCC copper Multistrand - 7 strands) . I'm not saying you must get an exotic expensive cable for the data leg of the cabling, but you will need another cable to go from the computer to the Teradak (see cable port on the yellow power-only cable below).
    And then I just got the 3-line data cable made locally with no power connector in it. So on its own it would not power up a dac.
    You can also use the split data and power cable with an external battery OTG.
    Under $100 for the Teradak and a custom data USB line. The custom red cable I used below is between single strand and multi-strand flexibility...so perhaps next time I'd just go for multi-strand and not 7-strand...
    You would also need a female USB printer-to-USB-mini adapter to hook up to the HRT (black adapter in 2nd photo after yellow adapter - about $3 shipped from ebay).
    Hooked up to long gone Geek Out 1000 in this photo.
  14. cedou97yon
    thanx a lot for your answer,
    So i could get the teradak with split power cable for 45$ on ebay ?
    But i can't use a normal usb cable to send only the data ?
    If no could you tell me where we can find this kind of cable ?
  15. Lohb
    USB printer male to USB Male
    You need Teradak U9 + cable above + adapter below and that is all ! Can get all on ebay cheap.
    USB Female Printer adapter to mini-USB to finally plug in the HRT....
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