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Sonic Satori - HRT Levels the Field with the MicroStreamer

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by mikemercer, Jan 23, 2013.
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  1. mikemercer
    admittedly - IF YOU CAN GETB ONE [​IMG]:
    The GEEK OUT 1000 - BUT be SURE they updated the firmware -
    as they fixed the gain reset issue I raised in my original review at Part-Time Audiophile..
  2. jarrett
    Is there anything more like a desktop unit and not a dongle (it doesn't have to power headphones). I use the line-out on the mS. I thought having its own power supply would be an obvious upgrade.
  3. Lohb

    Caiman Mk2 with battery power.
    GO1000 too analytical/hot...digital volume = not bit perfect below max volume IMO.
  4. mikemercer
    hold on...
    respondin' ASAP.....
  5. DecentLevi
    Hi guys, I was recommended to get the HRT Microstreamer as an alternative to the Modi.
    I was looking for a DAC with more of a 'front row' sound than the Schiit Modi 1 and with better soundstage imaging & detail retrieval. I am comparing either the Microstreamer or the Peachtree Audio DAC-iT, if not the Modi 2.
    But after checking HRT's website I noticed they have an even newer DAC called HRT Music Streamer III. This DAC has RCA outputs and is newer; of which I assume would make it even better than the Microstreamer and perhaps a better method of connecting to a full size amp. I don't need this to be portable and need only the DAC and will probably connect it to a tube amp.
    So if anybody has heard both the Microstreamer and Music Streamer III, your impressions / comparisons on the sound would be much appreciated! They both cost the same and (I assume) use a similar chip, yet the Music Streamer III seems to be more geared for a home-setup and is newer (although I read a review on Amazon with a problem about the bass). 
    Also if anybody can compare either of these to the Peachtree Audio DAC-iT (not the "X" version) that would be totally helpful! 
    PS - @mikemercer didn't I see you there at CanJam last month?
  6. jarrett
    By own power supply, I mean something like the Bifrost. Anything beats USB hub powered, right? :O
  7. Lohb

    Yep. I have a separate data + power leg for mStreamer and once I hook up correct USB plug this week to MS input,it should help vs running off dirty Air USB port...glad I jumped on board the MS portable DAC train (old DAC/Amp in photo).....combined with Cayin C5 this is one underdog power punch combo !
  8. jarrett
  9. mikemercer
    YES you did!!
    SO sorry for the delay guys - family crisis..
    Tryin' to catch up!!
  10. jarrett
    I bought the Kobo Glo HD instead [​IMG]
  11. ReelDeal
    I'm looking for an amp/dac that I can use with my MacBook Pro and my Android phone (Droid Maxx). A couple of questions...
    Does anyone know if the HRT Microstreamer works with the Droid Maxx?
    Has anyone compared the HRT Microstreamer to the Oppo HA-2? I know the Oppo costs more. I would love to hear the HRT is comparable (and save the money)
  12. Schopenhauer
    Hey, here's a quote from the manual:
    The manual can be found here: http://www.highresolutiontechnologies.com/support/support.html.
  13. ocelot2500
    Does the Droid Maxx have Lollippop?  If so, it shouldn't be an issue.  If not, you might have to use the USB Audio Player Pro app.
  14. ReelDeal
    Great. I should be good then. Thanks!
  15. mikemercer
    How'd that go????
    Man, the microStreamer still has a solid place in my personal audio travel arsenal!!
    It still makes for a KILLER 96/24-bit USB DAC (love its dedicated 2.25v line output  - as opposed to adjusting the gain on an output-stage and guessing where the sweet spot is),
    and - while I KNOW this is over-the-top: I laced it w/ my Nordost Heimdall2 iKable (3.5mm-to-RCA) and it was perfect for bridging my girl Mina's MacBook Pro to her powered Alesis monitors when I was in Brooklyn!! She's the last person I have in Brooklyn near the neighborhood where I was a kid...
    AND - while I brought the Audeze DECKARD w/ me and the new RAL optical Amp/DAC (geezus -  I no longer merely carry the geek card - I'm a full-blown member and Proud of it) - the microStreamer drove all these cans I had w/ me - including my Audeze EL-8 open-backs! 
    BRAVO as always
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