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Sonic Satori - HRT Levels the Field with the MicroStreamer

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by mikemercer, Jan 23, 2013.
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  1. LajostheHun
    How would you characterize of the accusation of "greed" and or "unethical"? Friendly? In any case it's no big deal for me it's a free country people wanna get "offended" about something this miniscule it's their business.
    Good to hear about the Audeze EL8 it's definitely on my radar.
  2. jarrett
    New products are out
    The dSp is for portables (a dac and amp combo?). iStreamer can be connected to a stereo, but is for Apple streaming devices and capped at 48 khz (why?)
    I guess the microStreamer still has its place with a dedicated line-out and up to 96 khz support
  3. aj_brown_99
    Can anyone who's used the Microstreamer with a phone (android or iOS) comment on the battery life? I'm sure you take some hit when powering it but I'm curious how long I can expect to get
  4. ericr
    You might want to consider HRT's newest product the dSp. It's designed specifically for what you're looking to do and only draws 50 ma of power, which is half that of the Microstreamer (which is already lower than most).
  5. cocolinho
    Yes I do with Honor 6. I would say MS drains the battery 2 times faster than using phone's HO directly.
    Since my Honor has a strong battery, no issue for me.
  6. aj_brown_99

    Planning to use the MS for both pc and iphone, but I may grab one of those once some reviews pop up. Given the $69 price tag I doubt it'll offer the same SQ though. 
    Does anyone know if the Microstreamer will work with the lightning to micro USB adapter? (http://www.amazon.com/Apple-MD820ZM-Micro-USB-Lightning-Adapter/dp/B00BREKQS4/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1426216872&sr=8-3&keywords=lightning+to+usb+connector). Seems a lot more convenient than the full size USB connector.
  7. mediabox
    • [​IMG]

      Creator High Resolution Technologies on February 27

      Note about questions concerning the difference among HRT microStreamer, dSp and i-dSp. The HRT microStreamer works with computers and with iDevices when used in conjunction with an Apple camera adapter/connector and draws 100mW from the device when connected. We understand that Apple will impose a 50mW limit for external devices that draw power from iDevices soon and when that happens microStreamer will be inoperative with its 100mW power draw. The dSp and i-dSp have been designed with the 50mW limit in mind and will be compliant when Apple imposes the new lower limit. Additionally dSp and i-dSp provide 1.75v output from the headphone output vs. 1.4v for microStreamer making dSp and i-dSp more powerful than microStreamer as you would suspect given they are headphone centric vs microStreamer which has both line and headphone outputs operating simultaneously (double duty splitting the 100mW power draw). The sound of dSp, i-dSp and microStreamer should be very similar with microStreamer having more versatility given the extra line level output but also with the drawback of greater power consumption and lower headphone output. If you are strictly a headphone listener then dsp/i-dSp likely get the nod. Always a tradeoff it seems…..

  8. Lohb
    HRT MS OK with modded T50RP's ? Bass control & dynamics fine ?
    I need to help my friend get smallest/nicest sounding entry-level non-Sabre DAC/Amp ...
  9. cocolinho
    I think it will be a great match. It will tighten up the bass and given more air & sparkle to your T50rp
    The only question I would have is about power , MS might be a little bit week I don't know
  10. Lohb

    Searching images top right I see it being used with some big but easier to drive planars....just hope it would not be a bottleneck in the low-end impact/dynamics.
  11. mikemercer
    I back that - totally.
    What came to my mind immediately was headroom/power.
    I like to have more gas left in the tank than I think MS MIGHT end up with - driving a T50rp for me - covering ALL genres I listen to.
    However - I've admittedly never lived with straight-up t50rp - all MrSpeakers! Mad Dog, Mad Dog Pro...
    But the MS, on the other hand, drives my original LCD-3s to my liking just fine...
    On the other hand.
    So I think this is would be, IMHO, down to trial and error AND taste.
  12. mikemercer
    I'm SO psyched to hear the two new pieces from HRT - 
    and I gotta ring em up about that this weekend - as I got another request to check em out - also from a fellow MS user/owner/fan.
    So - @Kevin_Halverson - before I light you up via email - thought I'd drop this note here first:
    One of the cool things about geekin' out with new kit while reviewing is that I end up with combinations on my desktop  - that I don't think I'd have a reason to even try if I wasn't deep in reviewing stuff...
    The MS is still one of my references for silly-portable/in-my-pocket-portable musical DACs. ALO's unfortunately discontinued KEY is another.
    But I ended up preferring the MS as DAC ahead of ALO's brand-new revisit to their Rx roots!!!!
    Driving my now-fully-broken-in Oppo PM3s wired w/ Double Helix CAbles - this is a MEAN lil' system stack.
    It's like having a vintage McIntosh receiver shrunk down [​IMG]
     - better: This lil' system reminds me of my very first stereo system - my grandfathers vintage tube McIntosh receiver, a pair of cerwin vega 12" table-like subwoofers, and four McIntosh speakers - it was a chugger that moved serious air. [​IMG]
    and the soul of that, I hear it here - shrunken, NICE
    I'm lovin everything from Flako to D'Angelo's nu record on this system...
  13. Steve Wilcox
    Bingo.  My Microstreamer is now playing ball with Tidal through my HTC One (M7) running Lollipop 5.0.2.  And it sounds great.  Just one slightly annoying thing is that USB Audio Player Pro, which I have installed on my phone, keeps trying to cut in and it stops Tidal from playing.  I could just uninstall UAPP but I wonder if anyone can suggest an alternative fix?
  14. jarrett
    What do you think would be an upgrade to the mS, mike? Anything under $400?
    Has to have:
    - its own power supply
    - USB async
    - stereo RCA would be good
  15. Lohb

    Stacking MS asap with Cayin C5 with upgraded ADA4637-1BRZ opamps. I'm hoping the stack will be better than GO1000 in regards to musicality, not micro-detail which I guess the 1000 would win on....
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