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Sonic Electrinix feedback

  1. yvfed1
    I bought AKG 550 headphones from Sonic Electonix. Unfortunately, they soon developed an issue rendering them (the phones) unusable. They suggested to follow up with the manufacturer, which I did. However, the AKG was not helpful at all, they bounced me from "Pro" department to "Home" and I ended up asking Sonic Electronix for help. I ended up paying only one way shipping and got a replacement device even though it was beyond 60-days replacement window. Needless to say, I am very appreciative with the service and communications I receive from the Sonic. Thank you!
  2. kashmiami
    I second that, had an issue with HD 650 & they did not ask more than one question for taking in the return. I will definitely do business with them again.
  3. shuto77
    I've bought several items from SonicElectronix over the last year, and am very pleased with their service and pricing. I've returned fully functional items twice, which only required me to pay return shipping. No questions asked.

    I had a defective item once, and they promptly replaced it. Definitely a great vendor.
  4. Cloudtastrophe
    Ordered the T1 and the Hugo through Sonic Electronix's bundle deal, and now I'm told that it is back ordered when at the time I ordered it was clearly in stock. Trying to resolve it with a sales rep at the moment. Hopefully they can switch it up to an HD800 or something so I dont have to wait for the T1s to be in stock before they ship out my stuff. 
    I was supposed to receive my package by tomorrow but hearing about the issue the day before I am supposed to receive the item is a bit of a let down. I'm sure theyre doing their best, but.. still disappointed. I was really looking forward to tomorrow and even took a half day from work haha

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