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Songs that make your headphone WOOOOOW!!!

Discussion in 'Music' started by dragonmilenario, Oct 28, 2005.
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  1. camusmuse
    Hell yeah!!! I still listen to them, whole lot of music for three people.  I saw them in St. Louis, MO not too soon before Mark Sandman(their lead) passed away.  Fantastic live show.  As much as I love my headphones and audio gear, nothing really replaces going to see live music.  St. Louis has an ok music scene, but I think it was much better in the 1990's...but maybe I'm just biased(in opinion and age...lol).....
    anyway...something about obscure live recordings turn me on....lol.  I usually "use" the studio version of Buena off of Cure for Pain, but found this in my YT search....not too bad of a recording....

  2. HemiSam
    That's a great vid.  Definitely amazing how they were able to make so much music with so few instruments.  Love their stuff and their style...
  3. headphones1999

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    Dire Straits - Calling Elvis
    The youtube video really doesn't do it any justice at all compared to the high bitrate FLAC album I have. The drums... It's like I'm standing right next to them.
    To be honest any song from Sultans of Swing sound amazing :p
  5. headphones1999

  6. camusmuse
    I do enjoy the previous posts, I will admit they are all new to me.  Some I like alot, however I have my own struggle with EDM or any sort of not "acoustic" music.  Please dont get me wrong, I LOVE some of the stuff that came out of the 80's and 90's, along with alot of hip-hop and "bass music"(DJ Magic Mike, etc)...but my true passion lies with acoustic music, just my personal preference for SQ, however!! my "vintage 90's car audio competition system", LOVES this kind of music.  It is of course just a *bit* bass heavy....but that is for another forum.....[​IMG]
    ...that being said...here is a now defunct group that I really wish would of gone more acoustic. I had found an interview they did on YT and they did a song acoustic only, and it was much better IMO.  But oh well the music community can be fickle....
    I eventually came to love this fan video, it grows on you I think; regardless their other tunes are great from a 4 sound "EP" release.  Plus at the time I was able to DL it in flac right from their site for a very reasonable amount....too bad their gone.  The female lead Jen, is still playing around St.Louis last I talked to her, but I never made any shows...I'm too old, and too far a drive...lol... still great fun music though....

  7. HemiSam
    Cool on the Morleys tune.
    This is a song I can't ever seem to get enough of....

  8. flexyexley
    Great tracks - I have been using Jason's Southeastern album for trying out new hi fi. His best yet
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  9. camusmuse
    Eat A Peach, the whole thing, is a standard for me too.....heard it many many times as a kid, know it probably note for note....in my head of course... 
    Southeastern...very well worth the money....
    Another from Acoustic Disc....huge fan of just about everything Grisman did.....again...lossless it sounds sooo much better(on my rig at least)...

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  10. Garraty
    Hands down, Jeff Buckley's Grace.
    In particular, this live version of Lover, You Should've Come Over...

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  11. camusmuse
    Very, very, nice...quite the interesting story too.  Not sure if it is "hands down"(poor YT SQ), but I just bought Grace; and will certainly give it a spin or two.  Thanks for the heads up, I always wondered who did this version of Hallelujah.
    ...and of course my contribution....

  12. HemiSam
    Fast forward to ~1:00 mark.  The man has got some serious pipes....

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  13. Beyakusenn
    I'm quite sure Tubular Bells has been posted here before, so I'll just post another masterpiece by Mike Oldfield:

  14. DoctaCosmos
  15. headphones1999
    only the picture <3

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