Songs that make your headphone WOOOOOW!!!
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Was listening to my Nujabes Album, no clue how I didn't catch this song,no clue what shes saying though hahah

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you know you can put more than one video per post?


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Oh, you have to get the Eagles CD then. I am not a huge fan either, I like 3-4 of there hits, but the recording is like I said, a almost immeasurable nanometer below the AIC cd. I have used it as a reference CD since it came out when setting up new equipment or showcasing gear. The dynamic range is fantastic and the clarity is breathtaking. Hotel California takes on a whole new life.
Well worth the $3 or so shipped from Amazon for a used copy.

You were absolute right. That's a pretty amazing recording! Funny thing is, i recognize so many of the songs, even tho i've never really listened to Eagles. Lots of sentimental value inthere. I dig it :) 
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Great vocal recording i forgot to mention:
Jeff Buckley - Grace.

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