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Feb 20, 2013
Hey there,
It's going to be hard on me but I have to sell some of my odds, ends, and some of my favorites :frowning2:. Everything listed will be a base price with obo as a rule and if you have any questions be sure to ask away.
So I am going to have to part with some of my babies :frowning2:
pfe 232s ($360 350 shipped in the US)
I got these as my first higher end IEM and I used them for about 15 hours until i decided they sounded a little too light for my tastes. These are in pretty solid condition with the only wear I can find being on the right side where the paint is rubbed off partially. I got these from madmusicjunkie (thanks a ton for the opportunity to try these) and they have the box and all original accessories. Just to be clear these sound amazing the highs are quite extended and the bass is decently tight, and these sound clear as crystal.
ASG 1-plus ($375 370 shipped in the US)
These are my favorites so far. They don't extend like the pfe 232s do but I found that just find they had a heavier hitting low end and much better isolation to boot. I got these second hand from headfi and there were some chips on the top coat of paint that I tried to show in the pictures but they are minor and hard to see unless you're looking at it with the right angle. Note that the blemishes noticed do not affect the sound in any way.
Both of these IEMs are quite well documented on here so a quick search will tell you almost everything you'd want to know about how they sound.
Thanks for looking and I will be adding more stuff later as I think of it.
Edit: I think I'd look into noble savants, message me if you want to work something out :]
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