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Sometimes you find some fabulous music on youtube

Discussion in 'Music' started by skwoodwiva, Apr 4, 2018.
  1. skwoodwiva
    Bernstein's Somewhere left handed, Bravo....

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  2. skwoodwiva

    Paul Simons non released "Diamonds on the soles..."
    This sooo fabulous almost acapella, the bass line that too. I had to up it for you all. Screenshot_20180405-021748.png
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  3. skwoodwiva
    Can anyone help me? It gets to processing & fails Screenshot_20180405-023956.png Screenshot_20180405-023950.png
  4. skwoodwiva
    It was already on youtube by somebody else!
  5. julianaray
  6. skwoodwiva

    Read & weep lol.


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    Matthew Evans
    May-25-2009, 03:59 GMT
    United Kingdom
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    I cannot take credit for this but this is just the best interpretation of Diamonds I´ve heard (somebody posted it on an Old PS website about a decade ago)
    Basically the "she" in the song (the person with "Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes") is the South African music that Paul fell in Love with. People say she´s crazy but she´s actually hiding diamonds.
    Paul is the poor boy and empty as a pocket. Now how empty is a pocket? A pocket could be full! Paul is saying he´s empty but he´s empty as a pocket - it is as full or empty as you make it. This refers to Paul´s writers block after Hearts And Bones. He was a "poor boy with nothing to lose"
    She slipped into his pocket with his car keys - Paul has said he listened to the Gumboots tape while driving in his car. He started singing over the top of it without thinking ("She said you´ve taken me for granted because I please you")
    So Paul´s attention has been caught and he teases the listener to try to understand the metaphor - as if everybody knows what he´s talking about.
    The sign of the teaspoon and wave is to highlight the contrasting styles of Paul and the African musicians when they first met but soon Paul learns to change the way he writes songs (changes clothes) and even starts to improve as a songwriter (and puts on aftershave). This makes him almost an equal as it compensates for his ordinary shoes!
    So now the album "Graceland" is written and the story is that it is released to major success around the world with a tour to follow... "Honey take me dancing" but the record company delays the release and the whole band ends up in New York "By the bodegas etc..." and Paul decides to write another song.
    The new song is all about how he found S.African music, fell in love and made an album. The song is called Diamonds on the soles of her shoes. :wink:

    PS, Simon is the master lyricist of all pop ones.
    After hearing it 10 times or more I new there was something up, a mysterious lyrical menagire The line "everybody knows what" is a monumental oxymorn/hy·per·bo·le

    3rd hit search terms, mysterious lyrics "diamonds on the...."
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  7. ADUHF
    How bout a little Knopfler "Romeo & Juliet"...

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  8. skwoodwiva
    Screenshot_20180415-023839.png All you-tube's are not as they appear, lol!

    I did it finally!
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  9. skwoodwiva
  10. skwoodwiva
  11. freb03


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