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Something to compliment my existing headphones?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by liquidzoo, Jan 19, 2013.
  1. liquidzoo
    Greetings, seldom-poster here, though I have lurked quite a bit.  I'm in need of a suggestion or 2 (I've read a bunch, but would like to hear from you all):
    Let me start off by saying I love my DT770-Pro80s.  They've been my first step into the world of higher quality headphones and for me they're fantastic.
    I'm looking for something else to go with them, after having them for a year now.  Not that they're wearing out, but I'd like something a little more portable (the 10ft cord makes it difficult to use in some situations for fear of snagging the cord).
    Is there anything, perhaps on the lower end of the scale (I'd like to stay around or sub-$100, but that can be flexible) that has a similar sound signature?  These would be used mainly at work or outdoors, so I'd prefer something that didn't leak a lot of sound at moderate volumes (don't let the outdoors option stick closed in your minds, I'd love to try a semi-open or open if they wouldn't leak my music to the rest of the world).
    If they need an amp, would an E3 - E6 from Fiio work?  I read somewhere that an E6 would help my Beyers out (sound card has a built in amp, but my phone does not).  I have a couple of CMOY kits but I haven't put them together.  I need to get at the very least a smaller tip for my soldering iron before I make the attempt and regardless, traveling with a CMOY in an Altoids (or similar) tin seems like a good way to get a free colonoscopy in some places... I'm not quite to the age where that would be a benefit to me :)
    I listen to a little of everything, lately it's been Power Metal (Sabaton), whatever you classify 5FDP as (certainly some form of metal, I obviously don't know enough about genres) and some similar bands.  I also got turned on to Van Canto, who have a really unique sound (for those that don't know, they're essentially an acapella "metal" band with a drummer, sounds weird at first but really cool when you listen to them).
    I'd prefer over ear to on ear (these will be worn for up to 8 hours at a time).  I'm open to IEMs, but my ears develop enough wax on their own that they might not be the best for me.  I would also prefer something with a shorter cord than what I have, obviously.
    That, or would it be worth having my headphones recabled instead?  Have it detachable so that I can have the longer cord when I want it, but a shorter one when I need.  If I were to go this route, any suggestions on who to trust with them (I could do it, but I worry that my hands aren't steady enough; I know that there are a couple of very fragile wires in the cups of the DT770s)?  I'd hate to be without them for long, but if that's going to be the better option I will definitely consider it.
  2. TheJosablo
    sub 100 bucks... If you wanted on-ear then get Grado headphones either the SR-80i or 60i but those are on ear.... Sony MDR-V6 won't get you very far on isolation but they are quite nice, Audio Technica ATH-M50 are always recommended here and on reddit, and if you want open back get the Sennheiser HD 518. Thats about as much as I can help
  3. liquidzoo
    Aren't Grado's light on bass?  I'm open to them, but I've heard mixed reviews on comfort.  The fact that they're open intrigues me.  Are they going to spill sound out into the room or will it not be loud enough to reach someone sitting in the next cubicle (short walled)?
    One I tried that was right around $100 when I was looking last year (when I got the Beyer's) was the AKG K240s.  I liked their look, but at the time I was looking for a closed can so that colored my opinion of their sound (I think).  I've seen a few others with them, though.
    I also tried the ATH-M50s, but I wasn't as impressed with them as others seem to be.  Just my tastes, I suppose.  Tried the M30s and M45s at the same time, too. Truth be told, though, if I can get the M45s for this price, I may get them.  They seem to be in stock locally (not sure about cord length, though).
    Edit:  Seems the cord length is longer than my Beyers...
    Still might get them.  That's a hell of a price.
    To edit for a third time...
    Anyone have any experience with the K77 or M80 Mk II from AKG?  Not expecting astounding (I've heard that, like Sennheiser, AKG puts out crap along with treasure), but I'm curious.
    BTW, I'm linking from Guitar Center because I've bought from them before, and they're local.
  4. liquidzoo
    Anyone else have any suggestions and/or comments about the 3 other sets I posted?  I will give them a listen before I buy, but I'm still curious what others have to say.
  5. liquidzoo
    Bump. Anyone?
  6. asdfghjkzxcvbnm
    Oh god don't mention reddit.
  7. liquidzoo

    Most of the reason I posted here.  I trust this forum and its members to provide honest opinions and not those potentially clouded by things like sponsorship $
  8. eccmac
    Like yourself I have been in the shadows on the forum so far.  So here is my first reply.
    I was using an iPod, Fiio E5, Bose OE Till about 2 weeks ago.  I found this site and started to question it.
    So as of now I am using same iPod(but upgrading all my music alac)   Fiio E07K, Grado SR 60i.
    I tested most of the Grado's in this series and these sound best to my ears.  It was close with the 125's.
    The E07k seems to be a nice match for this set up.  It gives you a bit of EQ to work with and a balance control.
    I also bought the Fiio L9 cable/line out.  That was where I noticed the biggest difference.  Makes the Fiio e5 sound better too.
    What I have noticed is the Grado's are very easy to drive.  The Bose took everything my iPod had to get them to move.  
    As far as the cord goes,  It's to long. 
    hope this helps.
  9. liquidzoo
    I bought the AKG K240 Studios shortly after this thread died out, but I seriously considered Grados. I didn't know until afterward that I could have auditioned them at a place not far from my office...

    Maybe next time.

    I chose the AKGs not entirely for sound, but also because they have a removable cable. I made a shorter one for when I'm in the office, and I'm very glad I did.
  10. semicoln
    I use Grados (actually Alessandro MS1i) at home and K240s at work and absolutely love both. Guitar Center matched Amazon's price on the K240 and I made out like a bandit.
  11. Kodhifi

    I'll second the MDR-V6. It's a tip top headphone and right up your alley if you like the sound signature of the 770's. ATH-M50 is a good headphone, lots of bass and a scooped kind of sound, fun but not very accurate. They cost about $50 more than the V6 though so it's up to you. I'd rather buy 2 V6s than 1 M50. :)
  12. Arise
    I would recommend a pair of Brainwavz HM5 / FA-002

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