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Something similar to SR60i in sound quality?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by paradux, Aug 26, 2012.
  1. Paradux
    Hi all,
    Head-fi new guy right here! 
    At the moment I'm using Grado SR60i's mostly for PC use (music and gaming), however I have big issue with the design. They sound great to me but the on-ear 'pressing' makes my ears ache after an hour + use (I wear glasses which doesn't help). Also they look horrendous (not a big issue since I use them at home). Obviously I'm going to have the same issues with any other Grado and the MS1s.
    Can anyone suggest something similar that uses the completely over ear 'cup' design, with a similar sound stage (gaming) and bass response (music)? Obviously there's the AD700's but I can imagine I'll not like the loss of bass response by comparison, and I have a small (odd shaped!) head. Then there's the HD595s which are a little too expensive, and I can imagine I'd need a headphone amp to get a decent bass.
  2. obobskivich
    Well, there is nothing that will really sound like a Grado, except another Grado, sorry to say.

    That said, there are plenty of good headphones that you could consider, that may fit (ergonomically) better.

    In order of how I'd try them:
    - Sennheiser HD 280 or HD 380
    - Bose AE2
    - Creative Aurvana Live!
    - M-Audio Q40

    I'd probably try the HD 380 or AE2, to be completely honest. Angled drivers, lightweight, soft pads, etc. Comparatively they will all be bassier than the SR-60, and have different sound-staging and positioning, but none are bad.

    The the other, odd-ball suggestion, is to try the bowls on the Grados. Personally I find them more comfortable, but I also find Grados comfortable in general, so take that suggestion with a grain of salt.
  3. warrenpchi Administrator
    Say it ain't so bro!  I've been curious about the "Grado sound" a while.  But I don't necessarily want to pick up a pair atm.  I'm afraid I'll like 'em and then spend all my time in the Grado thread.
  4. obobskivich

    You can get bright headphones, you can get open headphones, you can get on-ear headphones, and you can get colored/musical headphones, but you can't get headphones that do all of that together without sounding like a mess, unless they say Grado Labs on the side. :gs1000smile:
    you could try different ear pads.
  6. warrenpchi Administrator
    Dammit.  Okay, that being the case, what is the most inexpensive way to get the quintessential Grado sound into my ears?  Will an SR60i cut it?  Or would it have to be something higher up the chain?
  7. obobskivich

    The SR-60 is not a bad headphone, but don't be surprised when you're upgrading. :wink:

    SR-225 is a good stepping-off point as well, especially since the new 125 doesn't come with bowls (I haven't actually heard the 125 either, it's a weird duck at $150, but for all I know it's really really good, since the rest of their cans are). I think the 225 is to par with the 70x and similar, but very Grado.

    Anything more expensive and it better be wood.
  8. machoboy
    I don't know if I was hearing the quintessential "Grado sound", but my SR60s had very realistic and satisfying upper-mids... At the cost of everything else.
    Exciting "actually there" sound for video games but to my ears, painful and high-maintenance for casual music listening. Grainy and dangerously sensitive to EQ attempts. Really a full-time job for such a cool retro looking little thing.
    I don't really have any suggestions for a substitute. For a second you think comfortable, over ear, open-back and think of Beyerdynamic, but you said you wanted a similar (imo absent) bass to the SR60 so not so much.
  9. warrenpchi Administrator
    Oh, well I wouldn't necessarily be looking at it as a keeper, more like an extended audition.  Basically, I wanna know what all the Grado fanboys are on about.  [​IMG]
    Uh, not cool.
  10. obobskivich

    I'd try to find a store to audition them in, otherwise I'd get the SR-225.
  11. warrenpchi Administrator
    Bingo!  SR-225s added to my shopping list.  Thanks obobs!  [​IMG]
  12. Paradux
    IMO the SR60is have a pretty nice creamy (less punchy) bass response, but I'd happily go deeper and more punchy. I actually do really like the idea of the Beyerdynamic DT 990 and 770s (presumably the open backs have the better sound stage), they do look very nice and comfy and I could get them in 32ohm, but pricing seems to be very erratic?
    I'm not too worried about a different sound signature to Grados (I don't think I'm that attached to it), I just can't go backward in terms of soundstage and bass specifically. I quite like the look of the HD 280s and 380 (I presume the 380's are marginally better?), but they are closed back so this is going to be a step back for soundstage surely?
  13. obobskivich
    Open doesn't always mean best sound-stage, especially in the context of Grados (they have a very narrow/small stage, especially the models you're talking about (honestly they're closer to "wall of sound" than "3D")). The HD 380 are better, yes. DT770 are closed too...
  14. Paradux
    I thought sound stage was the main benefit provided by open-back as like a rule of thumb? If Grados are as 'direct' as you say, would you argue that the HD380s and DT770s are an improvement in that regard?
    Thanks for helping a noob.
    Edit: People say you can use the DT700s without an amp at 80ohms? Is this realistic?
  15. warrenpchi Administrator
    I don't know if that holds true for all cans.  Maybe for Grados it's just there to piss other people off (like loud exhausts in Harleys).  [​IMG]

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