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Someone just scraped my bumper in a parking lot and took off!

  1. chips2481
    This afternoon an idiot or drunk guy in a large truck next to me pulled out of his spot first, then stopped started to turn, realized he would hit my car if kept going, backed up a bit more and went with just enough room to scrape up my bumper. He either didn't notice or didn't care as I got out of the car and looked at the bumper with two other people staring at the damage. Anyone else had this happen or similar? I have a witness's phone number and made a police report, have not heard back from the police yet. So now I am wondering if I will be stuck paying for the damage or is this something that the police for sure can do something about. I have a small four door and he had one of these new mid size GMC's trucks, hoping his bumper will show the damage. https://www.gmc.com/trucks
  2. serman005
    What's your insurance situation? Shouldn't they cover it as a hit and run?
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  3. wink
    Were you wearing headphones at the time.....?
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  4. chips2481
    Wearing headphones and driving is illegal, atleast in united states it is.
    I reported it to the cops and with a witness's phone number. Never heard back from them. However... I did get a bunch of junk mail from therapists offering discounts on massages and a few attorneys who want to represent me. Not going to involve insurance. Probably going to remove the bumper and have it painted, it is a salvage title car that had bumper repair and one side is off colored from a crappy paint job anyways.
  5. ryanlowry
    oh what the heck these ppl ....
  6. BobG55
  7. Spareribs

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