Some questions regarding using a DAC for CD playback
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Dec 19, 2013
Hello all,

For whatever reason, my blu-ray player doesn't really like certain CDs of mine and distorts the sound badly (in particular, the 2003 CD Money Money 2020 by The Network plays horribly distorted on it whether I use digital or analog output, but the same CD plays fine on every other device capable of CD playback I have and a copy of the same CD made from FLAC files I ripped from it on my laptop also plays just fine, strangely enough). 

So, now I am looking to invest in a good CD playing set up. I've heard time and time again using a proper CD playback system would yield better quality than using the analog outs on my BD player. Other than the playback issues on certain CDs, it already sounds really great to my ears so I am eager to hear what an upgrade would do. 

What I am wanting to do is use a DAC, in particular the Schiit Modi 2 Uber, with an android box to play digital files such as HDTracks downloads, but also to play back CDs from a good source. I've read that I will want a player with good error/jitter correction and a good clock. What I figure is I can use a DVD player or something with a coaxial digital output to feed into the Schiit (the optical input will be used by the android box). Does anyone have a suggestion for a cheap CD transport or DVD player with coax out that has reliable error correction & timing clock?

Just as well, I've read that I will probably want 16/44.1 to 24/96 or 24/192 upsampling. I'm not sure exactly what that's supposed to accomplish (someone feel free to explain), but does anyone know if the Schiit Modi 2 Uber does this, or if there are any budget CD/DVD players that could accomplish that over the digital output?
I've put lots of love into my vinyl playback system, and the CD playback issues now warrant putting some love and care into my digital front end. 

Thanks for the help!

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