Some misc help needed for a true newbie.
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Nov 25, 2008
Okay, so very quickly, because I am huge electronics nerd, I have been diving into the quasi-audiophile territory. I've recently purchased an iPod Touch for portable music, mostly just for work, since I like speakers better at home (this is easily NOT part of the territory); I bought myself a pair of AKG K701 based mostly on looks and its review at HeadRoom. I am currently still burning them in, but already loving them more than any cheap headphone I have ever owned and much better than my 5.1 speakers at home.

So I decided to look into lots of posts here for a popular, albeit good quality headphone amplifier and decided to shoot dive into the Tube Pool, and bought a WooAudio 6 (once again, based a bit on looks, but also on the love this company seems to get from a lot of people here)... I really wanted to try out something better from them, but budget and me not completely wasting my money is stopping me from getting a >600 dollar one.

Now, the important question is, I am looking for a mini-RCA/iPod charger-RCA cable, since I am sure that is what the WooAudio 6 uses for input, but I have noticed that a lot of the cables have at least two RCAs from the one mini, and I am curious whether or not this will hook up to this particular amp, or if I need a 1:1 cable, and also, if there are any particularly good cables out there I could hook up to the iPod (or, if necessary, other sources I can end up investing in.)

I am not sure if this is the correct forum, but I figured since this is more of an amp issue, why the heck not.
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Sep 14, 2008
What you need is a LOD to RCA (2 plugs, one for left one for right) if you want the highest quality out of your ipod. If you invest in a DAC later on you will likely need either a 1.8th to rca or straight rca to rca interconnects.
The LOD to RCA cable is one I have no been able to test, and based on the quality of the onboard ipod dac I'd say dont worry too much about the cable as long as it has decent build quality. I know you can buy them from qables, ALO, and some of the DIYers here sell them.


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