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Some HOT Science From Synergistic Research

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by alvin sawdust, Oct 29, 2014.
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  1. alvin sawdust
  2. David Pritchard
    I have the Synergistic Research Headphone Optimizer Transducer (HOT) in my dedicated headphone system. Senheisser 800 cans with Double Helix cables, Eddie Current Zana Deux tube amp, Marantz SA11S-2 SACD player.
    This device gives a major improvement to my systems sound. Soundstage detail is improved. Images are precisely placed. Harmonic textures are more clearly heard. I do  not hear any added brightness to the system. Instead the music is more flowing with a sense of ease and improved transmitted emotion.
    I am enthusiastic having the HOT in my system and after listening for the past two weeks, it is staying in my system. I do hope you are able to audition this device. They have not shipped any of the transducers to England yet but will soon. Another way to audition the Hot is to E-mail the Cable Company here in the USA. They do offer the 30 day money back trial. Europian buyers are responsible for shipping- $14.80 each way to England.
    I look forward to other head-fiers impressions of the Synergistic Research Headphone Optimized Transducer in their systems.
  3. alvin sawdust
    Thanks David, I am very interested in the hot and may well get in touch with the cable company.
  4. David Pritchard
    I do know that the Synergistic Research Headphone Optimized Transducer was developed using the Sennheiser 800 headphones I use, and the Audeze headphones that you use. It was also developed using several amps- both tubed and solid state.
    I think you will really like what it will do. I look forward to reading your listening experience.
  5. Bogart24
    Yes.  I'm intrigued.  Just got an e-mail from Cable Company claiming:  "The effect of plugging this into your quarter inch headphone jack, and your headphones into it, is immediate and intriguing. The sound opens up and substantially moves out of your head sounding less like headphones and more like loudspeaker listening, or even real life! Articulation also improves as do both the high and low frequency extremes. . . .Some dedicated headphone users may prefer the in-the-head headphone experience they are accustomed to - to each his own (said the lady as she kissed the cow) - but for most listeners this is a powerful upgrade!"
    Synergistic offers a 30-day return, so I guess there's little downside in giving it a try, though the thought of putting something between the HPs and the amp is a bit unnerving.
  6. David Pritchard
     My listening experience is similar to the Cable Company reports in many ways. The soundstage definitely is now wider and deeper such that the music is no longer inside the physical head but extends outward. This is very pleasing sonically. The sound is also more articulate but not due to increased brightness. There is less grain hence the relaxed and flowing analogy in my earlier post. Listening to multi instruments or vocals it is so much easier to pick out individual voices. Last night was a Vivaldi concerto night with Rachel Podger- Channel Classic SACD disc recorded with the fabulous Grimm DAC. I know this disc well. The placement of the individual musicians is now so better defined with the HOT in place. The improved articulation allows the harpsicord and lute to be heard more clearly. Rachel"s violin has more emotion and energy.
     I was concerned that maybe the HOT unit extending out of the headphone jack would cause a stress on my amps jack. I do not think this is a problem now that it is actually in place. I have taken a paper cup, cut it to size and placed it under the Hot unit to provide support. This may not be necessary in practice but now I do not worry about stress at the jack imput.
    I am looking forward to tonight's listening- Stevie Ray Vaughn and some Ray Brown jazz. 
  7. alvin sawdust
    Thanks for the further impressions David. Are you saying the HOT is a bit weighty for it's size?
  8. David Pritchard
    No it is not heavy. It is about 8 centimeters long and 2.5 centimeters in diameter. I previously used a shortened paper cup under the Sennheiser 800 headphone jack amp input. I feel that electrical connections should be physically supported when easily done. I do not want a headphone jack to become a lose fit over time. The build quality of the HOTunit is very solid.
  9. alvin sawdust
    Certainly looks well constructed in the pics I have seen. Waiting to free up some funds but will most likely pull the trigger on one of these.
  10. bigshot
    I have a page to direct your attention to...
    First up is Synergistic Research who have developed HEADPHONE OPTIMIZED TRANDUCERS, which are plugs that go between your cable and amp...
    These plugs when "used with your favorite cans you hear sound that gets out of your head as well as smoother more articulate highs with improved bass. If you’ve been looking for more holographic sound with smoother highs and increased resolution, you’ve gotta try HOT!"
  11. esldude
    Haven't looked at the page yet.  No self respecting audiophile will need to do so.  The guy at MIT said in an interview over a decade ago that Asians were trying to push this Ohno Continuous Casting, OCC wire as an improvement.  Yet when MIT tested it the sound was decidedly worse, midfi, annoying in sound quality.
  12. esldude
    Something weird happened there.  Your post title, and post itself and link all changed between my replying and submitting.
    But I know the HOT is good. 
    you hear sound that gets out of your head as well as smoother more articulate highs with improved bass.
    The above tells me they are on to something though.  Everything good is always providing smoother highs and improved bass.  Seems there is no end to the possible improvements in bass especially. 
    I wonder how much it costs for some simple filtering and a bit of crossfeed ?
  13. bigshot
    I found an even better topic so I upgraded!
  14. bigshot
    I'm betting it's just a plug converter that doesn't convert the plug!
  15. Steve Eddy

    It's "Uniform Energy Field" (UEF) technology, whatever that is. Can't find anything that says what it is or what it's supposed to do. I guess the acronym is supposed to impress the user all by itself.

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