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Some help with source.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by youtoome, Dec 31, 2012.
  1. youtoome
    Good evening.
    I think to make myself a little present and upgrade my portable pair Sansa Clip Zip + Aurvana 2.
    Merry christmas by they way!
    So i limited by 350-400$ budget and thinking about change source first.
    After some looking on our market i find such choices
    HiSound RoCoo P or HiSound RoCoo BA
    Rio Karma
    Cowon X5
    Colorful Colorfly C3
    Hifiman 601
    I listen all genres, mostly i care about vocal, clean and extended scene.
    Dont really care about interface and such things.
  2. Ari33
    Get a Samsung galaxy S3, some decent earphones and install neutron player.....job done.
  3. youtoome
    It is so strange to hear advice to buy phone when i ask about normal players,
    I dont even think s3 play better then sansa and we talk about hifi and rocco.
  4. Ari33
    Tbh I've never heard the hifi or rocco players so maybe I'm way out of line.. the S3 has a good DAC though and used with a decent player can sound way better than you'd believe possible, ie; my similarly equiped (Wolfson DAC) Galaxy S 4.2 player with Neutron blows my Sony X-series out the water and I'm pretty sure the X-series is far superior to any of the Sansa players ever made. [​IMG]
  5. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Either Colorfly C3 or Rocco BA are the better choices from your selection. I have the HM-601 and Colorfly C3 here and their presentations vary quite a lot. C3 has better detailing, imaging, airy soundstage, and HM-601 is a fuller upfront presentation less width, less airy, slightly less detail but a much meatier warmer low end than the Colorfly. If you want vocals and extension C3 is the better choice. I can't comment on the BA because I haven't heard it yet (soon) though I wouldn't remove it from your list. Forget about the Cowon it's still a mainstream sound I rate a Samsung around the same area. Colorfly C3 chews my Cowon S9 in many areas and C3 is only $100.
  6. Takeanidea
    The colorfly c3 has plenty enough low end depth for me. The airy sound I would definitely agree with. I am listening to it through a 2nd hand pair of ue triple fi 10s. There may well be better daps around if price is no object. But I cannot see how any rational person could be disappointed with this for $100.
    My advice is listen to as many daps and see for yourself. I got a 2nd hand imod customised lod cable ibasso heron for your budget. I have since upgraded that with an rsa hornet. The jury is out on which sounds better.
    If you can't audition a c3 don't worry. If none of the others float your boat take a chance ; this is beautiful.
    You could get a c3 and find an iem bargain for your budget. Or the c3 and a load of cds. You probably get 100 cds on ebay with your change

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