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Some good bass IEM's for under a 100 pleassseeeeee.

  1. jf2oo6
    Hey guys I need some help.  I am very new to IEM's.  So pretty much like the title says.  I need a set of iem's that have good bass, but also sound good in the other areas too.  I will be mainly using these at the gym, but I dont run or anything mainly just weight training.  I would like to stay under $100.  Please give some suggestions that will fit my needs.  
    Thanks guys!!
  2. yliu


    The Sennheiser CX300 is really bassy, Klipsch Image S4 is bassy too.
  3. ZARIM
    UE SF5EB, V-Moda Remix, Vibe II, CKS70, Turbine, Hippo VB and FX500...........
  4. Ohungry
    I would like to add the FA Eterna onto that list =).  Though its not the best for detail and stuff, its supposed to have a really fun sound signature.  I fully agree with that statement, but i cannot compare with the other stuff in the list as i don't have those earphones (other than Eternas of course =P).  But from what I heard about the VBs, the difference between the two is that VBs have more highs and is more focused on the sub-bass while the Eternas is more focused on mid-bass.
  5. lebomb
    Im listening to some Hip-Hop right now..............Sony mdr-xb40exs are great for bassy music.  Sounds like Im standing in the center of a nightclub dance floor. 
    If that is what you are looking for, these IEMs deliver. 
    Good luck. 
  6. Katun
    I would say the Sony XB series. It includes 3 full sized, and 2 in ears.
    Plus, gotta love that cable. It won't tangle as easy when moving around.
  7. Anaxilus
    Fischer silver bullets perhaps.  Brainwavz M1's are good are take EQ very well, not sure about working out w/ them.
  8. jf2oo6
    So I think I can narrow it down to the Klipsch S4, the sony XB40EX, or maybe the Panasonic HJE900.  But the sony seem kind of on the cheaper side of things.  The prices I saw are around 40.  I know thats not such a bad thing, but I believe you get what you pay for.  Also the shape of them is very different.  How do they do with staying in the ear?  
    And also someone mentioned something about cable tangling.  That seems to be something that annoys me in the gym.  How do the 3 of these compare when it comes to that?  
    Also out of those 3 which would you guys say would be the best buy and sound.
  9. Katun
    I would buy the cheapest of the 3 for the gym. Reason being, during your activities, you may damage/break your headphone or cable. Being the cheapest, it would be easy and cost effective to replace.
    The Sony's flat cable is excellent, I can attest because I own the XB300 and XB500. It would be my choice of cable for gym and activities due to it tangling less than a standard cable.
    Well, just to say, the Sony's are going to have LOTS of bass. If that's what you like, great. If you prefer a little less, you can always EQ through the MP3. I'll have to say my vote goes to the Sony.
  10. ljokerl Contributor
    The HJE900s are not a very good choice for the gym. They are durable but on the heavy side and not exactly silent in terms of cable noise. Of all the earphones mentioned here I'd go with the Eterna for the gym. In the $40 range I'd recommend the Meelec M6 - great cables and plenty of bass.
  11. Katun
    ^ Wow. I cannot believe I forgot to recommend the M6... and I own them! [​IMG]
    Nevermind... The M6 is in fact a very good choice for the gym. They would definitely stay in your ear better than the other three mentioned. Not only do they wrap around your ear, but they insert deep enough that it also makes it hard for them to fall out.
    Recommended for Shure. (pun very much intended) [​IMG]
  12. rawrster
    The M6 are pretty shallow inserting at least for me when I had them. They would be a good cheap option for the gym. They have very well built, good cables and will last a long time. If anything goes wrong their company has great CS and I do mean great. They have one of the best CS I've ever experienced. For gym use it has a memory wire which means it will stay in place so you don't have to worry about them falling out of your ears and dropping on the floor.
    Eterna could also be a good choice but it is more expensive. The cables are not as good but they aren't bad either. There is no US dealer however so you would have to buy them from Canada which is the closest. Shipping would take a little bit longer than if you bought the M6 unless you find one in the FS forums. The other places are Russia or Singapore. The Eterna I have is a bit different than the one currently out there since mine was the previous version but I've been told both of them are quite similar. It does sound good however and better than the M6 that I had.
  13. jf2oo6
    Ok so between the sony or klipsch which would you guys say for better sound quality, bass, comfort, and cable tangling?
  14. Katun
    Have you been reading CNET's review on the S4? [​IMG]
    Anyway, do you not consider the M6? If not, I would prefer the "cheaper" headphone for the gym. You never know when an accident will happen.
    Generally speaking, the Klipsch has better SQ overall than the Sony.

    Agreed. The medium tips have standard insertion, but the tri-flange seemed to go quite deep.
    Indeed. Their customer service is absolutely incredible! Really something different.
  15. jf2oo6
    Ok guys i know i didnt say this before, but im not really interested in an over the ear iem.  I like the standard style. 
    And yes i did read the cnet review.  lol Why you ask??

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