''Solved'' Full sized closed headphones similar to V-MODA M80
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May 17, 2014
I have been trying to find an over ear solution for my vmoda m80 but none of them seem to sound as good or better. So far i have tried PSB mu2, nad hp50, AT 50x, momentums 2.0.

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
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Well what didn't you like about those models? What do you want that your M80 cannot offer?

The Crossfade M-100 probably has a similar sound signature, and I personally love them, but I also like leaning towards different sounds when I look at new headphones. I use the HD600 at home, so having the M-100 gives me something completely different for a change of pace.
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M-100 didn't sound as musical to me as the M-80, didn't seem to have the same sparkle, had loads more bass, but to me it lost that great midrange from the 80. 
Yamaha MT220 is close to that signature, but it may be a bit intense if you play at higher volume levels. Very good clarity and soundstage though. 
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Finally I found what i have been looking for. Sony MDR 1A 
A close second was B&W P7 but the punchy base along with sparkly trebble and deep mids of Sony won the day for me. 
Thanks to everyone who helped out. :)

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