Solution to (some) Truly Wireless eartip limitations
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Feb 27, 2015
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This mod is definitely for those who are out of the warranty period.

I work out a lot, and you really can’t beat true wireless IEMs for that purpose. I’ve got big ear canals, though, and those puny true-wireless-specific eartips are no use at all. And you can’t just use normal eartips, either: a lot of other eartips won’t let your IEMs fit all the way into the charging case.

I like to use double-flange eartips like in the photo, but as I said, they bottom out in the cutout in the charging case, preventing the earphones from charging.
TWS Mod - 1.jpeg

But the IEMs are out of the warranty period now, so I decided to take the leap and make some room:

TWS Mod - 1 (1).jpeg

I just drilled down through the cutout with a 3/8-in bit then cleaned up the edges a little with a Dremel. Eventually, I’ll probably 3d-print a false bottom to cover up what I did, but for now, I’ve got TWS IEMs that are fully secure in use, AND don’t require me to remove my eartips of choice every time I put them away.

SAFETY: Make sure there’s no battery under the portion of the cutout where the canals go before you go drilling out any plastic. I doubt there’s enough electrical power in a typical TWS charging case to hurt you, but of course your earphones would be ruined.

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