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Solution for being deaf in one ear

  1. Droppedin

    I was born with type IV microtia (anotia and atresia). Basically I have no ear lobe or canal on my right side and deaf in my right ear.  I love good quality audio equipment and sound. Always have had component stereos in my car and in my  home but have never bother with headphones because I would only utilize one side. Until, I tried my friends HD650s and loved them.  I started reading up on headphones (so much info) and really are appreciating them. I figure I would see if anyone on here had headphones with broken right drivers that I could buy.  I am thinking something entry level like ATH-M50's. What are some of my possible wiring solutions, etc..so I hear both channels in one ear?

  2. DFXLuna
    The best solution would be to have either your source mix the tracks down to mono. I have a 30$ Sansa clip+ with Rockbox on it that mixes all my tracks down to mono. If you're using a Windows computer as your source then you can just use the levels tab to force both channels all the way to one side.
    Basically you just need something that'll mix your music down to mono! :)
    By the way, if you need helping setting your Windows computer to output to mono you can pm me and I'll be glad to help!
  3. kiwirugby Contributor
    What a great idea is the one above.  I was thinking of getting a source that had some sort of balance and moving the balance to the side with your hearing ear.  But a mono mix sounds brilliant to me.  Hope you find a good solution.  Best of luck.

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